July 25, 2021


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FOR three years, the Cebu Governor’s Cup basketball tournament has fulfilled dreams, gave chances to worthy players to earn a scholarship in Cebu or Manila schools. The tournament was deeply engrossed to the cities and towns and townsfolks welcomed the tournament and took pride of their respective teams no matter what was its standings.

That was for the past three years. Now, the Inter-Cities/Municipalities 21-Under basketball tournament is now in limbo. Even if Gov. Junjun Davide will stay at the Capitol as the second most powerful man in the province, the decision on this matter lies within the hands of Governor Gwen Garcia, the province’s chief executive officer.

That means with the new administration coming in on July, the Gov’s Cup basketball could be one of the casualties, a collateral damage. A victim of a hostile political practice. But do not worry, the basketball tournament may still exist as Gov. Gwen has proven to be a sports lover. In her nine years in Capitol (2004-2013), she had a “solid” sports program.

The Governor’s Unity Volleyball Cup gave chances to young girls get a scholarship in schools. Aside from the volleyball tournament, there was a rodeo contest and an airsoft competition which were held more than once during her term. Aside from that, she also threw full support when Cebu was chosen as a hub of the 2005 Southeast Asian Games.

Supported events like dancesport competition, WEKAF World Championships, table tennis events and yes the Province supported the Cebu Provincial Meet and the CVIRAA team to the Palarong Pambansa. Probably she would be more supportive to sports now with the province having its own Sports Commission.

But whether we like it or not, Cebu is a basketball-crazy province. You can feel it from the time of the organizational meeting up to the final game of the season. When the games visited the island towns of the province, the euphoria and enthusiasm of the people coupled and the heated rivalry of the teams were just too overwhelming.

You just can feel the love of the people to their team. The CPSC likewise was fair on its dealings to all the teams. Ally or not, they received the same amount of subsidy and were treated equally. Just proving that political color has no place in sports. I just hope the new administration would continue the Governor’s Cup basketball tournament for the sake of the young and aspiring players.

After all,  her father former Governor Pablo Garcia was the first to venture into this province-wide basketball competition in 2000.

Who knows, the next June Mar Fajardo will come from this tournament.