June 13, 2021


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Binaliw Landfill protest


CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES- The petition signing and protest against the full operation of the Binaliw landfill is gaining ground. Some of those signed petition were sent to iNews.Ph by Apas barangay councilman Ramil Ayuman, an ally of City Mayor-elect Vice Mayor Edgardo Labella who earlier on said that he will look into the petition.

A special session about the matter was held last Monday by the Binaliw barangay council where all its members also proceeded to the landfill site in Sitio Kainsikan, an interior portion of the barangay.

“We personally see for ourselves how the landfill will operate. We did it to know more about it because the issue is very important,” Binaliw barangay secretary Akiel Ardiza told iNews.Ph in an interview.

Ardiza took the minutes of the session and he said that Sherwin Santos, the president of ARN Central Waste Management Inc., who operates the landfill personally met them.

The concern of foul odor coming from the landfill and the garbage trucks that hauled the garbage were tackled and Santos and other officers of ARN made a commitment to look into it.


Santos made a media statement that the odor came from the hauled garbage from Mandaue City. An earlier decision of the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) to temporarily closed the private landfill in Barangay Polog in Consolacion town. The trash from Mandaue City was already rotten for days and no chemical was poured on it to prevent the stench.

Carmelita Pitogo, 51, one of the petitioners claimed that the stench had affected them, especially as their house in Sitio Botong is near the access road of the landfill.

“Maayo unta ug ilang siguruhon nga dili na manimaho kay grabe gyud apektado gyud mi,” Pitogo told iNews.Ph.

Incoming Mayor Labella earlier told the media that he is also against the operation of the land fill.

“I really share the sentiments of those residents because it is always my position that there should be no landfill anymore in the City of Cebu,”.

The city councilor allies of outgoing Mayor Tomas Osmena approved the resolution about the operation of the landfill after its operator got the pertinent permits from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the EMB.

Labella is set to assume office in the afternoon of June 30 this year./Tonton Alcos Antogop