LAPU-LAPU CITY, Philippines- The family of the man who reportedly burned himself to death here sought an autopsy of his dead body. Norah Belle Oyao Andus, the daughter of Norman Oyao told iNews.Ph that they really wanted to know the cause of death of her father.

Andus who arrived from Malaybalay City, Bukidnon said that a PNP medico-legal officer already autopsied the body of her father and they are just waiting for the result. Andus along with her aunt, Mely Oyao, doubted that Norman burned himself.

They also could not believe that Norman was depressed after he was left by his wife because they got separated many years ago, in 2006. His wife is now in Denmark who migrated there in 2008.

“We just want to know the truth, but certainly depression could not be the cause because he has long been separated from my mother, Norah Belle, a nurse told iNews.Ph in Cebuano inside the Surelife funeral parlor where the wake of her father is held.

Norman Oyao, 56, was seen by his relatives and neighbors last May 23 shouting while ablaze at his house in Sitio YLE, Barangay Basak. Early on, they also told reporters that Oyao already threatened to burn his house which they were able to prevent.

They surmised that Oyao got depressed because his wife left him and was so down because he also had a spat with another relative before the incident.

Norah Belle could not believe their tales though, raising some theories that her father might have thrown a lit cigarette butt before he slept that started the fire or that somebody who have ill-motive burned the house of her father.

The incident happened on a morning at about 8AM where the neighbors put out the fire immediately before the firemen arrived. “I know my father, he might have some vices but never did he inflicted harm on himself,” Norah Belle explained.

Once the result of the autopsy will be known, they will cremate her father’s body and bring it to Bukidnon. Norman left Lapu-Lapu City for Bukidnon and got married there.

After his separation with his wife, he returned to Lapu-Lapu City where the Oyao clan is very known. He made a living by having a “vulcanizing” shop. /Tonton Alcos Antogop