Vibo Place’s Mr. Fix It

Ian Martin Borromeo, General Manager – Vibo Place

Every day early in the morning, you’ll see him around Vibo Place wearing his hard hat and his executive’s uniform doing the rounds. He goes around the 2-hectare property checking on pipes, wires, cables and pumps. Making sure everything is running and the whole place is in perfect shape.

Ian Martin Borromeo, the “Mr. Fix It” and the General Manager of Vibo Place, spends most hours on the ground than in conference rooms and in board meetings.

If there’s a busted light, a broken pump or anything that’s not working, there’s only one man to call – Sir Ian.

He joined the family business right after college and has been known to Vibo Group’s associates as Sir Ian –  the shy, unassuming, soft-spoken boss who wants to get things done without sounding too demanding.

When he is not working, he tinkers on his car and takes it on the road. He loves the speed and the danger and thinks that it takes an incredibly smart person to love the combination.

His future plans for the company are to be able to contribute his innovative practices and his style of management that will help to make Vibo Group become one of the most successful homegrown companies in Cebu.