BAZI FORECASTS for JUNE 2019 (6th June 2019- 6th July 2019)

Bazi is a destiny reading system based on the date and time of birth. Decoding your Bazi can lead to clarity in decision making, understanding yourself better, and having a clearer picture of what lies ahead. It can be used to answer questions such as: “Which industry or career should I pursue?”, or “Is this the right person for me?” The Bazi forecasts give you advice on how to best take advantage of the opportunities that surround you: what are the best paths to take? How can you best earn money? Most importantly, how can you best live your life for this month? The readings below are based on your DAYMASTER.

To know your Daymaster, go to this URL Key in your Birth Date & Birth Time. See Fig.1



YANG WOOD Daymaster

Keep your head down and put your guard up because June’s a month of mishaps. Minimize stress and don’t push it at work; take a break when you need it. Exercise caution when you’re out and about, especially on the road. Postpone major decisions and instead use this period as extra time to reflect on your options. The risks just aren’t worth it this month.

YIN WOOD Daymaster

It’s your time to shine! This month’s lining you up for a leading role, perhaps in a promotion or other important delegation. They’re big shoes to fill, either way, so walk tall but tread carefully. Keep a level head; choose your battles. Think over your words for clear communication. Open yourself up to suggestions and criticism, but also be wise to what you’re told and who you receive it from. And most importantly, stay kind! Living by these will put you on the path to becoming a model leader—at the very least keep you out of trouble and out of court.

YANG FIRE Daymaster

Seems like you’ve got good luck in the bag this month—in surprise wealth! Money may just fall into your lap from an unexpected source, perhaps from an inheritance or commission. Think about investing it rather than spending; grow your chance fortune into a more reliable income. Otherwise, your lucky money may just disappear in a flash.

YIN FIRE Daymaster

You’ve kept your eyes on the prize and someone’s finally taken notice of that dedicated work ethic. A raise may be in your cards this month thanks to some good career luck—but don’t get complacent. Keep up your diligence and look into investing. With June’s positive energies, this month’s seed money may yield plenty in the future.

YANG EARTH Daymaster

June’s here to get your creative juices pumping. Seize the ideas as they come and translate them into inspired business plans and strategies. Your ability to make money is at its strongest this month, on top of your boosted skills. Maximize them! It’s your chance to turn a workroom concept into the most effective and lucrative reality.

YIN EARTH Daymaster

Your June looks like it’ll be abuzz with activity. Give it the attention and effort it deserves, no matter how grueling it gets. You may clash with superiors along the way, but simply take it into stride and keep up the good work. Alongside this month’s boosting energies, you can finish off your load with peak productivity, and eventually reap what you deserve.

YANG METAL Daymaster

It’s a good month for mingling so free up your schedule and put yourself out there. Loosen up with old friends, spread your arms and welcome new ones. Making and maintaining friendships is good for the soul—and for your business prospects. Work the right angle and you may find the potential for business endeavors within your circle.

YIN METAL Daymaster

Put on the charm and work for the crowd—widening your social network is key this month. Consider attending a convention or fair of interest to your field. Spread your name and treat new faces as opportunities to impress and connect for business. New friends in the right places could reveal fresh avenues to expand your business in and rake in profits.

YANG WATER Daymaster

A mental block is definitely a tough time to endure, but that’s not your struggle this month. June puts you at the height of your learning abilities and encourages broadening your horizons with it in more ways than one. Expand your mind past the walls of the classroom and go for a more adventurous, perhaps even spiritual education. Your unique learning could lead to unexpected insights that’ll push you ahead.

YIN WATER Daymaster

A mind out of school doesn’t mean out of commission. Give your brain the workout it deserves: research the latest tech, plan a fresh project, or take the leap into a whole new skill set. Expanding your range will broaden your playing field for more opportunities and connections. If you’re feeling too out of depth, seek help and you’ll surely receive it as your noble luck is strong this month.

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Master Judith Eugenio

A certified Bazi Destiny & Feng Shui consultant. In her passionate pursuit of Feng Shui, she has traveled the world and finding direct tutelage under Master Kevin Foong of Kevin Foong Feng Shui Academy in Singapore, where she is also the Head Instructor Representative for the Philippines. Based in Cebu City, Philippines she has honed her practice for over ten years and offers her expertise through Judith Eugenio Global Bazi & Feng Shui Consultancy. Master Judith Eugenio is also a radio talk show host, speaker, columnist, entrepreneur, and author. She is also Bazi & Feng Shui trained in Malaysia, Hongkong, Singapore, Las Vegas & San Francisco.




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