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is 33.3{481076ee53a1fc97de0369f33ed2e92f10b25aa7745daa7b1993dd39620a4254} support from the environment. It is never about buying ornaments but all about putting yourself in the right sector or space. It is never difficult to understand Feng Shui; it is just knowing where the energy lies. Flying Star System is Internal Feng Shui. The advice below is for anyone who does not have proper classical Feng Shui audit of their house or office. For those that have completed a proper audit done by Master Judith Eugenio, only refer to the inauspicious direction that you should not activate the energy.

How to take measurements

Stand in the center of your house or office using your compass to take a measurement. In the example below, the main door is located in the NORTHEAST sector but facing East. You would need to read what does NORTHEAST energy covers. See fig. 2

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WE ACTIVATE when the energy is positive by using the space, position bed or position desk.

WE AVOID or not trigger the negative energy by drilling activities, knocking with hammer and ground digging. Remove loud sound (energy wave) sources, like televisions or speakers. Do not slam the door and keep the sector quiet and clean at all times.


EAST Main Door Sector

June calls for extreme caution if your main door is in the East. Misfortune haunts your doorstep—doubly so for male family members, the eldest son most of all. Though, keep your wits about and you’ll weather the month just fine. Carefully weigh your decisions, especially those involving money. Veer away from conflicts and bad business. Make a habit of checking your home’s security, and of attending health check-ups—look out for issues related to your liver, hair, voice, and foot. To avoid activating this grim star, under no circumstances should it be disturbed. That means no renovations or noise in this sector.

SOUTHEAST Main Door Sector

Pursuing a higher position? Breaking into politics? Then your path to better status and reputation lays in the Southeast; the odds are already in your favor if your main door is in this sector. Businesses can also share in this good energy for brand building, expansion, and partner collaboration. However, move with care in pursuing your path as the annual Robbery and Violence star’s ominous energies also reside here. Remain benevolent, but also vigilant; make sure all your affairs are above water as you climb the ladder.

SOUTH Main Door Sector

The South is no place to linger in as both the Sickness star and annual Quarrelsome star loom here together this month. Progress breaks down and stress and tempers rise much faster in this area, so consider working elsewhere. If your main door is here, be wary as you’re more likely to find yourself ill or caught up in conflict. Note down any possible symptoms and visit your doctor regularly. Don’t engage in fights to save yourself the strain and turmoil. It’s important to keep up both your physical and mental health.

CENTER Of the House

The Center is the heart of your home and office’s energy, so it’s a dangerous time indeed with the Robbery and Violence star occupying this area. Don’t let your guard down. Avoid clashes with colleagues and keep a watchful eye on your belongings. Try not to stay out too late this month; err on caution once it gets dark. Now may be a good time to look into a security system, new locks or other safety features. Reduce noise in these sectors of your home to prevent triggering this star.

NORTHEAST Main Door Sector

Opportunities are gathering in the Northeast and they’ll be flying through if your main door lies here. It may not look much at first, but don’t be fooled. This star speaks of great things from small beginnings, so give it time to grow into the good fortune it’s destined to be. However, the annual Sickness star also shares this sector, so pace your pursuit and don’t overextend yourself. It’s not worth it to sacrifice health for wealth.

SOUTHWEST Main Door Sector

If your main door is in the Southwest, then good news to those with academic and relationship pursuits. It’s the strike of inspiration scholars are looking for, particularly exam students, so go hit the books to maximize this unique advantage. Meanwhile, single folks with this star on their side won’t need to search long for love. Just step out and step up your game and soon you’ll have that special someone beside you too.

WEST Main Door Sector

Look to the West for a fresh start on a fortuitous future. It’s the star to tap into if you’re looking to break into a different field or career path. Interesting opportunities will also come through if your main door is here—don’t let them slip! But don’t lose yourself to it either. Feel things out for a sound compromise between health and wealth. Strike that balance and you’ll surely keep the good things this auspicious star of the future has in store for you.

NORTHWEST Main Door Sector

Strike it rich in the Northwest as investments, business luck and greater income source are meeting here this month. You’ll definitely be welcoming them in if your main door is in this sector, be it in your home, office or store. Attract even more prosperous energy by encouraging business here. Now’s the time to put out brand new advertisements, implement updated strategies, or break into a different market to maximize this month’s increased collections and cash flow.

NORTH Main Door Sector

Remember to lead with reason than emotion—more so if your main door is in the North as it’s likely to be a tumultuous month. Don’t fan the flames and simply take the high road, especially when making important decisions. Carefully review documents to sidestep lawsuits. With the annual Academic and Relationship star also found in this sector, be gentle and patient with your relationships; there’s a strong possibility of clashing with them this month. Silence is paramount to avoiding this quarrelsome star, so relocate loud sources of sound away from here.

3 Negative Directions for 2019 that you need to be careful. No renovation, drilling or ground digging all throughout 2019. If you really need to do renovation, please do seek Feng Shui consultation as not to trigger negative energy

Southeast (292.5 – 307.5) Sui Po Year Breaker

Northwest (322.5 – 37.5) Tai Sui Grand Duke

West (232.5 – 307.5) San Sha Three Killing

A complete Feng Shui consultation takes into account External Feng Shui Landform and Internal House Feng Shui layout. External landform such as what is outside your house environment. Mountain, land elevation, river, busy crossroad junction, highway, car park, and other factors. House internal layout focuses on the main door facing, your bed position, working desk, stove location, and water exit point. All these govern 100{481076ee53a1fc97de0369f33ed2e92f10b25aa7745daa7b1993dd39620a4254} of what affect the feng shui of your house. For inquiries, one may call 0917 785 6000, send email to or visit



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