The HUMAN ASHTRAY and URINAL!  (A true horror story: The Violent Drug-crazed husband!)

A personal friend of ours related her 5 years of horrifying marriage to someone she once loved who completely changed because of his addiction to drugs. From a kind and thoughtful husband, his addiction to drugs changed him to become EXTREMELY VIOLENT and SADISTIC to our helpless friend whom he promised to protect and love forever.

.Whenever he was under the “influence”, he would usually beat her up with his bare hands, drag her by her hair, swing at her and chase her with a baseball bat, point a gun at her and shoot at targets near her with threats to kill her, extinguish his cigarettes on her skin, urinate on her when she was asleep in bed! The last straw was when he tried to decapitate her from behind with a samurai! She became a slave to his wants and needs, and the list goes on.

If that wasn’t bad enough, here’s more. He would have sex with the town crazy woman (taong grasa) in exchange for a stick of barbeque. I interviewed the daughter and all she said was that she would get so embarrassed just cry each time she would hear people tell her about her father’s “sexcapades” until she got too numb listening to it over and over again. As always, children become ‘collateral damage’. And shockingly, her Dad would even have had sex with a pig….yes, A PIG!

Think this happens only in telenovelas? This happens more often than we think!

Why do I say this? It’s because when I shared this story when I was the invited speaker at “The Feast” Hong Kong, a teary-eyed woman came up to me, my wife and my subject-friend and said that she experienced almost the SAME thing from her addicted husband!

Fortunately, our friend eventually left him (the husband comes from a good family in their province) and now she lives peacefully in another country. Sadly though, the husband’s enabling family ALWAYS defended him!

Are you an enabler? Do you really believe this will never happen to your drug-using loved one? And that he or she is in control? Think again… and think HARD! The primary vital organ that is immediately affected by these powerful toxic chemicals is the BRAIN!

(*This is shared publicly with the subjects permission)

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