August 2, 2021


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CEBU CITY, Philippines- The police in Central Visayas (CV) has seized P858 million (P858, 866, 452.00) worth of shabu during the one year watch of Police Regional Director Brig. Gen. Debold Sinas.

That means preventing the distribution of 126. 303 kilos of shabu to drug users in the region since June 4, 2018, but it also resulted to the death of 108 drug peddlers who fought with the police operatives (Died In Police Operation-DIPO).

“128 kilos na , region level na. It means daghan gyud ug shabu dinhi, but at least in our end, we are doing our best to try to prevent drug pushers to sell illegal drugs in our area.”

“Unfortunately, there were those who still wish to take their chance and fight it out with our trained operatives. This led to the death of 108 drug suspects during police operations” Sinas said in a press briefing last June 4, 2019, as he reported his one-year accomplishment report since he assumed office in June 2018. l

Sinas, however, said that all their operations are “intelligence-driven (intel driven),” which means that all the subjects whether high-value targets (HVT’s) or street level pushers (SLT’s) were earlier validated.

Such accomplishment is notably high compared to the other police regional offices including the National Capital Region, Region 3 (Central Luzon) and the Eastern and Western Visayas.

“The number of kilos recovered is much higher sa NCRPO, much higher than Region 3. Much more comparing region 6 and region 8, milya-milya gyud ang layo,” Sinas explained, adding, 128, 100.17 grams of marijuana were also seized by his men apart from netting 454 tablets of the party drugs, ecstasy.

The police official also clarified that the source of illegal drugs is mostly from Metro Manila.

The biggest drug haul was the seizure of 28 kilos of shabu from the twin operations that busted the Rustico Ygot drug group in March this year resulting to the arrest of Elymar Ancajas in Inayawan, Cebu City and Ygot’s girlfriend Jocelyn Encila in Barangay Casili Consolacion town. Ancajas had 10 kilos of shabu in his possession who then squealed that he got it from Encila prompting the police to conduct a follow-up operation (Encila’s parents were the ones arrested prior to her as the suspect was in a hospital then when the sting operation was conducted against her).

Despite the recorded deaths of drug suspects though the total crime volume for the same period decreased, with a noticeable decrease of 10.5{481076ee53a1fc97de0369f33ed2e92f10b25aa7745daa7b1993dd39620a4254} for index crimes.

While the death toll of drugs suspects reached 108, the CV police also confiscated 450 firearms from drug suspects and their cohorts.

Sinas said there were also deaths that happened because of the intense rivalry of drug groups in the area.

“We have to document everything pag sa drugs kasi pag nauga nimo ang operation, daghan ang naapektahan. Sila sila ang nagbinang-gaay. Ga-away-away na sila, sila mismo nagka-inggitay, sila mismo nagkapinusilay,” Sinas said.


To cleanse their own ranks, CV cops were also subjected to surprise drug testing 7 of them tested positive in 2018 but as the testing is continuous, none of them so far has been found positive this year which already covered 3, 338 uniformed and non-uniformed personnel out of the 12, 266.

The internal cleansing, “COMPLAN PATNUBAY” has also been implemented which resulted to the dismissal from the service of 10 out of 68 policemen that faced investigations, those that were allegedly linked to illegal drug activities involved 32 personnel where 7 of them were dismissed after the investigation of the Internal Affairs Services (IAS).


PRO7 also implemented 29 Simultaneous Enhanced Managing Police Operations (SEMPO) covered by 661 search warrants (414 for illegal drugs, 266 for firearms, 7 for illegal fishing, 3 for illegal gambling).

SEMPO operations on illegal drugs resulted in the arrest of 1,621 persons, 104 of them classified as High-Value Targets (HVT’s) while 1,635 were street-level target (SLT’s) that included pushers and users.

In the campaign against loose firearms, 608 were seized while another 625 were either surrendered or deposited for safekeeping under the “Oplan Katok.”

897 wanted persons were arrested which included 42 which were classified as “Most Wanted.”

In the campaign against illegal gambling, CV operatives conducted 904 operations which resulted in the arrest of 2,773 suspects as it also included raids and 273 patrol operations.

Overall, the Sinas report on SEMPO resulted to the arrest of 5, 525 suspects while it also netted 1,252 loose firearms including the surrendered guns.

Against illegal fishing, 51 suspects were arrested on the 33 operations that were conducted


Under the leadership of Gen. Sinas, PRO7 implemented Operation Plan Sauron (OPLAN SAURON 1 and 2) in Negros Oriental which was particularly directed against the Communist Party of the Philippines-New Peoples Army-National Democratic Front (CNN) members in the province.

SAURON 1 resulted to the death of six suspected CNN personalities last December 27-29 while SAURON 2 became more bloody which resulted in the death of 14 alleged CNN members.

Negros Oriental Provincial Police Director Colonel Raul Tacaca reported that their operation led to eight fatalities in Canlaon City, four in the municipality of Manjuyod and two in Santa Catalina town.

“We were able to arrest 16 CNN members, 6 are currently at large and 14 died when the police officers defended themselves from armed aggression,” the report of Sinas reads.


While SAURON 1 and 2 were successful in neutralizing anti-government forces, PRO7 also conducted outreach programs in Negros Oriental.

The program was so effective that dialogues with the residents were also conducted to address their concerns.

In one of the dialogues held in Canlaon City, Gen. Sinas brought along the officials of Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), DENR, DILG, and other agencies to answer the issues and concerns that were raised.

The outreach program was in coordination also with the Office of the Presidential Assistant of the Visayas (OPAV), the AFP Central Command (Centcom) and the Bureau of Customs (BoC) which donated personal hygiene kits that were distributed to the attendees.

Gen. Sinas personally spearheaded the conduct of the dialogue and have answered the questions of residents and referring the same to the concern agencies.


During the Sinulog Festival last January, PRO7 participated with the aim of promoting public confidence and win the people’s heart.

For the very first time, a PRO7 float participated where it showcased the various PNP uniforms.

As part of its police-community relations, PRO7 also implemented a BIG BROTHER program in Barangay Tangke, Talisay City to show to the residents that their PNP is concerned for them.

Tangke has been identified as a haven of illegal drugs in the past and so in order to wage a campaign against the illegal drug menace select PNP personnel and Gen. Sinas visited the area to interact with the residents especially the youth thereby making its residents closer to the police.



PRO7 also organized a PRO7 combo (music band) and dancers that are very effective during the outreach programs as it provided the much-needed entertainment.

In personnel advancement and morale-boosting, Gen. Sinas made a policy of making send-off activities before a particular PNP contingent is deployed.

In their recruitment 1,138 applied through the Online Recruitment Application System (ORAS) but only 480 applicants passed for recruitment. More than 4, 000 personnel PNCO’s and PCO’s were promoted to the next ranks.


Tourism continues to be very a major driver of growth for CV. The peaceful environment is brought about by an effective police organization. The South Koreans continue to be the number one tourists in the region followed by the Chinese and the Japanese.
The Americans came in next, the data provided by PRO7 revealed.

Security coverages to VIP’s (109) were also provided by the CV cops where the region held 18 international events. The coverages excluded the 116 local and national events that were provided with security, foremost of whom was the recent National Youth Day (NYD) celebration where Papal Nuncio Gabriele Giordano Caccia arrived. Under the leadership of Gen. Sinas, security coverages for the visits of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte was also made as he visited Cebu for six times. Over-all the peace and order situation in Central Visayas is safe under the leadership of Gen. Sinas.

Raised in Butuan City, Gen. Sinas, is a member of the “Hinirang Class” of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA 1987)./Tonton Alcos Antogop