8 Back to School Fashion Style Tips

Back to school style tips? Yes, it’s that time of year again! Getting back into the everyday grind of study and classes is one thing, but what about your back to school wardrobe? Summer holidays are over and living on a uniform of sun dresses and denim cut-offs won’t cut it for much longer. Get your back to school style sorted with these following tips.



When looking at back to school style tips, it really helps to have an unlimited wardrobe, right? Since most student budgets don’t allow for this, it pays to be able to maximize your current wardrobe choices. Stocking up on separates that go well together will give you more in terms of outfit options than a whole wardrobe of, say, dresses.



How is anyone supposed to concentrate in too-tight or too ill-fitting clothing? When you’re planning your back to school wardrobe, go for garments that you find comfortable. This doesn’t have to mean slouchy or unfashionable since everyone can have different definitions of ‘comfort’. Just choose clothes that make you relaxed and confident.



When it comes to back to school style tips, you can’t beat confidence. Wear clothes that you love, and don’t feel like you have to try so hard to fit in with what everyone else is wearing. If you’re wearing clothes that aren’t really ‘you’ it’s going to show. Like the previous tip, it’s all about being comfortable in the skin you are in.



Getting back into the grind of study and classes might not seem like the cheeriest thing in the world. However, it’s well known that color can enhance your mood, so brighten up your school days by wearing your favorite colors!



The latest high fashion trends don’t always necessarily translate into everyday school attire. But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon them completely. Taking your school dress code into account, work certain aspects of your favorite trends into your wardrobe. One of the most effective back to school style tips is to update your outfits with trend based accessories.



Sometimes planning your outfits in advance can make the morning rush that little bit easier. It’ll save you time getting ready if you already have an idea of what you plan on wearing for the day. Visualizing your outfits this way can also help you figure out if certain items go together or not.



So, here’s the scenario: you stock up on a bunch of new things before you start school and wear them all in the first few days. Then you freak out about not having anything new to wear for the next few weeks. The solution? Pace yourself and debut a new item every couple of days. Simple!



So you might want to look your best for classes, but don’t forget the reason you’re at school in the first place – to learn! As hung up as we get on back to school style tips, spending too much time worrying about your wardrobe can affect other aspects of your life. Just have fun with fashion and don’t take it too seriously!

These are just a few back to school style tips to take into consideration. Remember to have fun with your outfits and stay confident and comfortable! What’s your best back to school style tip?


By: Sophia Drew