Feng Guo Yang, 51, a Chinese businessman was shot dead while driving his delivery van. With him are his two children who are also wounded on the shooting incident (photos by Allan Defensor)

MANDAUE CITY, CEBU- A Chinese businessman was killed here while his two children were wounded after armed men on board two motorcycles waylaid them past 9pm last Sunday, June 16, 2019. Feng Guo Yang, 51, died while his children, Ginabelle,18, and Stefhen, 16, sustained injuries in their feet when the gunmen fired at them just a few meters away from their residence in Vista Montana in Barangay Cubacub.

The armed men who were backriders of 2 XRM Honda motorcycles shot at them while they were aboard the L-300 delivery van that Feng was driving on their way home. Cubacub police investigator Corporal Ryan Madana said they are looking at robbery as the motive as one of the two children revealed that the gunmen took away the sling bag of their father.

“Ang bag naay kwarta matud pa sa usa sa iyang anak. Naa kunoy sulod nga mga P100, 000 (The bag according to one of his children have money. They said at least P100, 000 was inside it),” Madana told iNews.Ph. As per account of the children, the hooded gunmen shot their vehicle forcing the van to stop.

When the van stopped, the XRM motorcycles also halted and one of the gunmen alighted and approached the wounded Feng. The gunman tried to grab the bag at gunpoint and shot the victim again when he refused to give his bag. “Gipusil siya ug tiwas kay wala man dayon niya gihatag ang bag (He was finished off because he refused to give the bag),” Madana said.

The responding policemen recovered 3 empty shells of 9mm pistol and 2 empty shells of caliber .45 pistol in the crime scene. Cubacub chief of police Major Michelangelo Beltran has ordered further investigation on the incident. The carted away money are believed to be proceeds of the sales in a merchandising store owned by the victims in Consolacion.

Yang was brought to a private hospital by the responding policemen where he was pronounced dead. The children are now recuperating of their injuries, the police said./AAJ