CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES- Two suspected CNN (Communist Party of the Phils.-New Peoples Army-National Democratic Front) militias were killed in an encounter early yesterday morning in Santa Catalina, Negros Oriental.

Reports reaching the Police Regional Office (PRO7) here identified one of the fatalities as a certain Antonio Cardinas y Tanodra, 23, a resident of Brgy. Talalak, Santa Catalina town.

The CNN armed group allegedly threw fragmentation grenades to the 12IB Cafgu Active Auxilliary (CAA) detachment in Sitio Kakha, Brgy. Talalak past 5AM which triggered the encounter.

Members of the Santa Catalina municipal police station (MPS) heard the exchange of fire and reacted thereof by placing itself on a red alert status.

The other fatality was not immediately identified as of this writing.

Based on the report of the Sta. Catalina MPS several pieces of ammunitions and fired bullets of high-caliber firearms were recovered in the encounter site apart from an unexploded M61 fragmentation grenade.

The recovered pieces of evidence were as follows:

1. Two (2) short steel mag of M16 rifle
2. One (1) long plastic mag of M16 rifle
3. One (1) fired cartridge of 40mm grenade launcher
4. Four (4) fired cartridge of m16 rifle
5. Twenty one (21) live ammos of m16 rifle
6. Five (5) fired cartridge of 7.62 m14 rifle
7. Four (4) live ammos of 7.62 m14 rifle
8. One (1) live ammo of EK 47 rifle
9. Two (1) fired cartidge of EK 47 rifle
10. Electric wire MOL 150 meters
11. Electric wire MOL 200 meters
12. One (1) unexploded m61 fragmentation grenade/AAJ