Paz Radaza (photo by Allan Defensor)

LAPU-LAPU CITY, Philippines- Mayor Paz Radaza is leaving P2.5B to her successor.

“Ang among kwarta P2.5 billion. Naa ra man na sa bangko. So dili ingon nga walay kwarta, naay kwarta,” the outgoing City Mayor said allaying fears of Mayor elect Junard “Ahong” Chan that her administration will not leave anything in the coffers once Chan assumes office on June 30.

Radaza, a former banker, incidentally like Chan, stressed that fiscal management is one job that she knew as she has been Mayor since 2010.

The camp of Chan raised the possibility that the finances of the city is already dried up when Radaza will exit as it noted several releases of huge amount even if the incumbent is already about to end her office.

The latest incentive which Radaza has released is the conditional compensation premium of the job order (J.O.) employees of the city government amounting to approximately P19M and the mid-year allowances of senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWD’s) which was about P103M.

Radaza however said the fund releases have already been earlier earmarked thus maintaining the financial standing of the city.

The city has P3.2B budget for 2019 and the amount left is more than enough to cover the entire year.

Meanwhile, Radaza also dismissed the allegation of Chan that the regular employees of the city is taking an instruction from somebody else since all the employees will reportedly not report to work on July 1, a Monday, which will be the first day in office of Chan.

A resemblance of a mass-leave, Chan said he will consult the Civil Service Commission (CSC) on how he will act administratively once the mass leave happens.

But Radaza said Chan is misiformed as there is no truth to the allegation.

“I don’t think buhaton na papansin ra gyud na. I don’t know kinsay nibalita, ang kanang nibalita nagpalakas ra na sa iyaha, I don’t know. I haven’t heard kun unsa, wala man siguro mi’y type of an employee here sa city hall nga dunay ingon ana nga klase sa pangutok. Walay ingon ana. Basin ug misinformed lang siya,” Radaza said.

The outgoing Mayor is set to assume as the Congresswoman of the Lone District of Lapu-Lapu to replace her daughter Aileen who did not sought reelection.

Chan who is the incumbent Pajo Barangay Captain won against the husband of Mayor Radaza, former Congressman Arturo Radaza in the May 13 polls.

Arturo however filed a protest in the Commission on Elections citing several irregularities which Chan has strongly denied.

The Radaza’s and Chan have been former political allies but had a break-up in 2010 when Chan ran against Paz in the mayoralty race.