Mandaue Mayor-elect Jonas Cortes and Emmarie “Lolypop” Ouano-Dizon (photos by Allan Defensor)

CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES-Infront of her family, relatives, friends, and supporters Congresswoman-elect Emmarie Dolores “Lolypop” Ouano- Dizon already took her oath as the duly elected representative of the 6th district of Cebu province. She is dedicating her victory, she said, to her papa, Thadeo “Teddy” Ouano, whom she calls the “Visionary Mayor” and her grandpa, Alfredo “Pedong” Ouano, the “Legendary Mayor.”

“I would like to offer this victory to my grandfather, the legendary Mayor Alfredo “Pedong” Ouano and to my father, the visionary Mayor Thadeo “Teddy” Ouano, how I wish that they’re here tonight to witness and celebrate the significant moment of our lives,” Ouano-Dizon said recently in the White Gold house Chinese restaurant. She took her oath to outgoing Congressman Jonas Cortes who is set to assume as the Mandaue City Mayor.

Her younger brother, Provincial Board (PB) member Thadeo Jovito “Jonkie” Ouano told the crowd that the occasion was very significant as four of them, the grandchildren of Alfredo, won in the May 13 polls. Jonkie wished to have the power of turning back the time so that his grandfather and his father could witness it. Alfredo succumbed to cancer in 2014, Thadeo in 2016, also of the same ailment.

“Kung naa lang gyud koy gahum to turn back time kung mahimo lang gyud just for this moment nga makakita lang si Tatay Pedong nga makakita siya nga four of his grandchildren and makakita lang gyud si Papa Ted bisan one minute lang para makita niya, kadto man gyud sila ang mga politiko, nga makita nila nga malipayon gyud kaayo. Since we were young, we were taught nga maningkamot gyud ug maayo para malipay ang atung mga ginikanan,” Jonkie said.

Apart from Cong. Lolypop and PB member Jonkie, their brother Alfie also won as a councilor in Consolacion town while their cousin Andreo “Anjong” Ouano-Icalina, the Barangay Captain of Opao, won a seat in the Mandaue City council. Cong. Cortes for his part said that seeing the event from above could have made his father, former Mayor Demetrio “Boy” Cortes, Sr., Alfredo, and Thadeo, happy. Demetrio Sr., a lawyer who served as Mayor for 26 years, died in 1993.

“Ako sigurado nga si Papa Boy, si Ingko Pedong, si Mano Teddy dako kaayog ngisi nga nagtan-aw karung gabhiona mao na Cong it is incumbent upon us to continue the good things that they had done,” Cortes mentioned in his speech. Governor-elect Gwen Garcia who was present described the alliance of the Ouanos and Cortes as “the most beautiful and wonderful thing” that happened in Mandaue’s political landscape since it reunited the families.

The late Demetrio and Alfredo were political allies but separated ways. Until 2016, Lolypop and Jonas ran in opposing camps and their alliance for the just concluded 2019 elections was the first time in several years. “But then in Gods own perfect time, ginaingon nga if things are meant to be, the right people come together at the right time for the right reasons.

And indeed, a beautiful thing happened in Mandaue kun diin nahitabo ang paghibalik sa kanhi nga nanagkuyog Cortes ug Ouano ug unya nagkabulag sa daghang katuigan, once again nagkabalik, that was the most beautiful, wonderful thing that happened.” Garcia went on to say that Lolypop would be a “shining star” in congress. “Congratulations our dear lovely and soon to be a shining star in the halls of Congress, Congresswoman Lolypop,” Garcia said.

The elected lawmaker prominently mentioned the presence of her mother, Linda and her grandmother, Dolores whom she revealed her nickname came, her grandma’s nickname is “Loleng.” She also thanked her husband, Nixon “Jojo” Dizon, the PDP-Laban Cebu provincial chair along with National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) lead convenor, Sec. Noel Felongco, the Region 7 PDP-Laban chairman.

Also present during the occasion were Sec. Adelino Sitoy of the Presidential-Legislative Liaison Office (PLLO), his daughter re-elected Cordova Mayor Teche Sitoy-Cho, Consolacion Mayor Teresa Alegado and her son, Mayor-elect Dr. Joannes “Joyjoy” Alegado, among others. “Words are not enough to express how grateful I am sa inyong pagsuporta sa inyong pagtabang sa miaging piniliay kanako ug sa among pamilya unya karung gabhiona…

I can not express how happy I am,” Cong. Ouano-Dizon said who also thanked her campaign team led by lawyer Gonzalo “Sally” Malig-on, her political adviser, and Joy Montenegro, her best friend and personal confidante.

Lolypop won by a wide margin, at least 136, 000 against lawyer Baldomero Estenzo. Atty. Estenzo got 41, 477 votes while Lolypop had 177,791 votes./AAJ