Cebu Parklane’s Boodle Blowout Experience

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In the Philippines, a boodle fight is a military tradition in which a feast is arranged neatly in a big table piled on top of Banana leaves while the cadets or soldiers gather around eating and fighting elbow to elbow to grab the tastiest food items they can get their hands on.

Food items piled unto the table usually include seafood, pork barbecue, fish ceviche, and seaweed. Although it was popularized by the Philippine military, the boodle fight concept actually goes all the way back to Filipino pre-Hispanic culture. It is a tradition that promotes camaraderie, Bayanihan, unity, friendship, and brotherhood.

The Filipino trait of sharing what’s yours no matter how little you have, giving back to the community in your own little ways, these are deeply imprinted unto the hearts of every Filipino and the boodle fight embodies these traits all at the same time in so many levels.

This is what the culinary team and the management of Cebu Parklane International Hotel had in mind when they decided to offer to the public their latest culinary achievement, the Boodle Fight experience or the Boodle Blowout.



The Boodle Blowout will definitely blowout your mind. For only Php 1,999.00 net, it is inclusive of unlimited rice, unlimited soup of the day and one pitcher of iced tea. This feast for five takes you on a mouthwatering journey of Humba sa Ronda, Native Chorizo, BBQ Chicken Wings, White Clam Shells, Sinugbang Kitong, Itlog Maalat, Kinilaw nga Tangigue, and Guso at Kan-anan Restaurant, located at the fourth floor of the hotel.



When we tried the boodle blowout experience there were five of us gathered around one rack but it took us a while to finish the whole feast. It is literally jam-packed with tasty treats and coupled with the soup it is more than enough for five guests.

It is as they say in Cebuano, very “sulit” indeed. For the price that you pay and the amount of food you get not to mention the superb taste and unique experience, it is indeed value for your money.

Later on in the night, we got the chance to talk to Parklane’s Chef de Cuisine Chef Jun Roces Fernandez. He explained to us that the braised pork is inspired by the popular Humba of Ronda town, South of Cebu. He said he wanted to highlight Cebu’s cuisine from different parts of the island because he wanted to express how proud he is of our culinary culture and traditions.



The concept of the boodle fight itself reflects the values that he and his team hold dear and he wishes the guests could feel this when they come to the Kan-anan Café of the hotel and order the Boodle Blowout experience.

For more information and/or reservations, please contact Patricia Anne A. Alturas, Marketing and Communication Assistant of Cebu Parklane International Hotel. You can call thru landline (032) 234-7000 local 7061 or email


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