Lumba’g Laag sa Sugbo 2019 – A Race to Cebu’s Hidden Attractions



“Lumba’g Laag sa Sugbo 2019 indeed lived up to its promise of discovering new destinations, exploring the culture and heritage as well as the food of the different northern municipalities. Our 20 competing teams had the feel and experience all of these plus the new friendships established. With all these, I can say that the event was truly a big success as we were able to attain our objective of bringing the best of Cebu to the rest of the world.”

 The words of this year’s Lumba’g Laag Chairman, Edilberto Mendoza as he shared his thoughts of the event with Cebu Media.

 Lumba’g Laag, now on its 3rd year, is an annual event during the Cebu Business Month to promote tourism. It is a 3-day race and tour event that highlights the scenic, culinary and the cultural attractions of each municipality. This year, it was A Race to Cebu’s Hidden Attractions. The race explored the northern towns June 21 to 23, with 20 teams competing against each other in performing tasks and routines.

 The race started with a dance exercise and the first task at the activity center of SM Consolacion.

 At the Activity Area of SM Consolacion the different teams had to do three tasks: 1) puzzle – Form the 2 sets of wood puzzle pieces into “S” and “M”. Follow the picture shown to proceed to the next task after it’s verified., 2) Bridge Bricks – In the basement area, find the pack of wood bricks & slabs and go back to the start area, you need it to continue the task.  and 3) Decode – Decode a clue hidden in the bricks given to find your next destination.

 At control point 1 (Liloan Lighthouse) task 4 was a guessing game – but before they started the game, they had to consume all the masi they bought.

 After-which, they proceeded to control point 2 (Compostela) task 5 was a test memory – They were shown a process of their famous “QUESEO” making. Memorize all the steps and proceed to the Municipal Gym and relay it correctly to our Checking Marshal. followed by task 6 which was a cheezy challenge – teams will now do part of the process correctly to get the clue for their next destination.

On to the next, control point 3 (Cebu Safari) task 7 was a game called Animal Planet – There are 5 pictures given, find them and take a groupie of each. Then they go back for checking after all is verified you will get the next clue.

Marching on to control point 4 (Tabogon’s  Japanese Surrender Area) task 8 was Kwentador – Count how many letters you can see in that Japanese Surrender Monument. Once you relay it right to the marshal, you will get the first pack of puzzle pieces and the clue.

All teams will be passing by Bogo City Hall for control point 5 to complete task 9, Pintos – They had to go to the city’s Sports Complex, follow the process.  Get the second pack of puzzle pieces and the clue after they will finish the process as instructed.

Moving on everyone went to control point 6 (Medellin – Curva Crossing) for task 10, Math Wizard – Teams proceeded to the Barangay Gym, solved the problem given to get the third and last pack of puzzle pieces.

The 1st day ended at Daanbantayan’s Golden Sands for control point 7 with task 11, Sand Castle Challenge – They had to follow the specifications given in making the sand castle. Teams were given 30 minutes to do the task, the output will be scored in accordance with the given criteria.

Day 2 started at Kandaya Resort for control point 8 with task 12, Dynamic Duo – You will fill the given container using the 2 cups, only 2 will fill it but blindfolded and the other 2 will help them navigate. And task 13, Swim Challenge – Two of the team will swim out to the pontoon to get their next clue.

Control point 9 was at Guibitngil Island, Medellin for task 14, Fear Factor – Once they arrived at the Island, they had to find the “Funtastic Island” and do the cliff jump to get the next task. After surviving the jump task 15 was the Dried Fish – They will now navigate and find the PASIL sandbar. There, they will do the process of drying fish which is their top product in town.

Control point 10 pointed to Bantayan Beach Resort in Medellin for task 16, Seafood Delight – They had to go to the floating cottage, a reward is waiting there, you have to consume it to get the next clue.

Control point 11 was in the Miraculous Medal Shrine in Bogo for task 17, IQ Test – They had to list all the items they can find going up the shrine. They must identify the categories correctly to proceed to the next destination.

The next destination was the Plaza of Bogo, control point 12 for task 18, Shot Down – Shot the ping pong ball to get the pieces of the puzzle, solve the puzzle to get the next clue.

The second day ended at Lapyahan, San Remegio control point 13 for task 19, Grill Fest – They were given raw consumables & materials for grilling, they will cook & eat all of it for them to be declared Finishers of Lumbag Laag Day 2.

Day 3 opened at San Remigio’s Public Beach, control point 14 for task 20, Cup Stack – Using only their feet, they will pile the cups to form a pyramid that only one cup remains on topmost. Then they can proceed to the next task.  The next, task 21, Fill me in – Fill the holed bamboo at maximum, then they can get the clue.

Control point 15 was in the Municipal Plaza of Tabuelan for task 22, Suicide – One representative will find this bridge visible in town’s plaza, and he/she will jump and swim back to the plaza to get their next task. Going forward to task 23, Spot the Not – Find the Astrodome and answer the problem given.

Control point 16 brought the teams to Molobolo Cold Spring in Asturias for task 24, Search – Teams will be given a name, search the area and find him to get their next task. Followed by task 25, Eating Challenge – They were given something consumable, they have to leave no trace to get the next clue.

Control point 17 was at the Asturias Bridge for task 26, Rappel – Two members of the team will rappel down to get the clue.  Followed by task 27, Jumbled Letters.

Control point 18 was at the Asturias Beach House for task 28, Sense of Balance – Teams will pile up a 3 feet medium-sized stones using their hands, but all hands are tied in one rope. Followed by task 29, Bingka Challenge – They will prepare & cook the famous product in this town to get the next clue.

And finally control point 19 ended at Rafi’s Kool Camp in Balamban for task 30, Ropes Course – Teams must complete the task following the instructions given.


On June 25, 2019 awards were given to the winner at SM Cebu City. 

Team Hunat Energy Bar finished in 17 hours and 48 minutes which awarded them the champions for Lumba’g Laag 2019 and went home with Php100,000. The 1st runner up was Team Reborn who finished in 19 hours and 3 minutes and a cash price of Php60,000 followed by Team Golden Prince with a record of 19 hours and 17 minutes making them the 3rd runner up and a cash prize of Php30,000.

Kapinoy came in 4th with a record of 19 hours and 37 minutes, RDAK finished 5th with 19 hours and 48 minutes, PADS at 6th with 21 hours and 38 minutes, CCLEX A at 7th with 22 hours and 13 minutes, Intellicare at 8th with 22 hours and 32 minutes, Aprubado at 9th with 22 hours and 46 minutes, Start Something at 10th with 23 hours and 38 minutes, CCLEX B at 11th with 24 hours and 41 minutes, OPASCOR at 12th with 24 hours and 50 minutes, Ridehero at 13th with 24 hours and 56 minutes, Treasure Island Industrial Paints at 14th with 25 hours and 19 minutes, Rural Bank of Catmon at 15th with 25 hours and 58 minutes, Air Asia All-Stars at 16th with 26 hours and 50 minutes, AFOS at 17th with 26 hours and 50 minutes, Total Health Check Diagnostics Corp. at 18th with 28 hours and 9 minutes and finally CATOS Worldwide at 19th with 33 hours and 31 minutes.