She was still 7 when her Mom Carolyn started their sort of one-stop shop of trendy clothing, The Maze, and now that their business is going on for 15 years, she also became what their store fits to have one – a fashion designer.

Kim Ang is her name, somebody who has been mistaken for a pretty “Koreana” by many of their shoppers but she is more than that. Kim graduated with honors for BA in Fashion Design at the prestigious Raffles Design Institute in Singapore which earned her a diploma in the University of Chester (UOC) in Chester, England where she had an internship before her graduation last year.




She has then returned to Cebu and while here, she is now hands-on in running their establishment. “I do a lot of stuff now in applying what I Iearned. My way of returning the favor from my Mom who has been here even when I was still young,” Kim, 23, told iNews.Ph.

What she does is aimed at helping out their tenants and concessionaires in the “visuals” and “designs” of their displays, the aesthetics of making it attractive to customers. She also does the research more often on the trendy clothing, the latest in fashion, which according to her mom is geared to “personalized clothes” where one wears something that is not common, from the cut, design, and all.

“We are really into the trendy and personalized, something that our customers really like,” Carolyn said. Unlike those found in the branded stores, their lessees would really look for trendy apparel abroad (i.e. HK, Bangkok, USA) that are distinct from each other.

Carolyn who started the business in February 2004 meanwhile revealed that as sort of “advocacy”, The Maze prefers those who are still new entrepreneurs, those whom she calls as the “small ones” who dreamed of becoming “big” someday.

“I love helping the small ones. We have lots of former lessees who now have bigger stores in malls. It is self-fulfilling of being of help to them,” Carolyn added. As they enter their 16th year, she welcomes with open arms those who wanted to be with them, a sort of a hassle-free business inside a mall which just needs less capital because one can only rent a space or have a consignee basis arrangement.

While trendy clothings makes The Maze known for years, it also has several other specialty shops, even including a jewelry store and lately, “Little Rituals” where one can find brand new or pre-owned vinyl records. Those looking for the latest cellphones and other gadgets, The Maze has it too and in case your favorite dress or pants need alteration, go there and find the one that will attend to your concern.

There’s really a lot more in The Maze and if you want to be relieve of your stress and have a soothing massage, go there and check it out. Their well-trained visually impaired massage therapists will take care of you.

So from trendy clothes, jewelry, gadgets and more, The Maze has it and in case you find a pretty lass who looks like a Korean, who talks english very fluently and is arranging their displays, kindly ask her name, perhaps you already bump on her – Kim Ang, Ayala Cebu’s, The Maze, Secret Power Revealed!/AAJ