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LAPU-LAPU CITY, PHILIPPINES- Barely a day in their offices, Mayor Junard “Ahong” Chan and his predecessor, Cong. Paz Radaza is already against each other. They are “fighting” for the office space which Radaza, the former Mayor is occupying as this has been the office also of her daughter, Aileen, the former district legislator.

Chan wrote a “NOTICE TO VACATE” to Paz which the Congresswoman is not heeding. “With due respect, we thus cannot heed your Notice to Vacate,” Radaza said in her reply letter to Chan dated today, July 01, 2019. Chan in his letter to Radaza also with the same date, cited the local government code, section 455 thereof, invoking, “exercise general supervision and control over all programs, projects, services and activities of the city government,” as his office will use the space.

“You are hereby notified that the Office of the Mayor shall use the premises currently assigned as office space for the House of Representatives within the Lapu-Lapu City Hall. Further, you are hereby directed to vacate the premises within 24 hours from receipt of this notice,” Chan in his letter said received by Hubert Inot, a staff of Cong. Radaza. As of posting time, Radaza is not in the office as she is already in Congress in Quezon City.




Below is Radaza’s press statement:

We received today, July 1, 2019, a Notice to Vacate from the Honorable City Mayor Junard “Ahong” Chan, directing us to vacate the District Office of the Representative of the Lone Congressional District of Lapu-Lapu City, at the City Hall as provided under City Ordinance No. 14-200-2019.

First, the Notice to Vacate is in violation of the mentioned City Ordinance. The latter has not been repealed nor judicially nullified and thus should be respected and complied with. And second, interesting to note that Hon. Chan cited Section 455, paragraph (b), paragraph (b), sub-paragraph (1), item (ix) of the Local Government Code, without knowing that said provision even obligates him to provide the District Office because the Representative of the Lone Congressional District of Lapu-Lapu City is entitled thereto again as mandated under the mentioned City Ordinance.

With all due respect, we thus cannot heed the Notice to Vacate.


Chan for his part called a press conference inside the very office which he wanted Radaza to vacate, explaining his side.

Chan won against Radaza’s husband, Arturo last May 13 but Arturo has filed an election protest./AAJ






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