SOUTH Main Door Sector

The South is the place to be this July if you’re looking for a golden opportunity, with even better chances if your main door is here. You might encounter competition; however, as the annual Quarrelsome star also resides in this sector. Commit to your work and put in your best effort. Don’t indulge petty rivalries and keep your methods above board. Then you’ll surely come out ahead, fair and square.

NORTH Main Door Sector

Prepare for a balancing act if your main door is in the North—the tricky tandem of the Sickness and annual Academic and Relationships stars hang here this month. As inspiration arrives in abundance, be warned that illness is closely following. So watch your limits, toe the line, but don’t push yourself to the point of no return. If you’re feeling off, heed your body’s warnings and give it the care it needs, no matter how small the measure.

SOUTHWEST Main Door Sector

Trouble brews in the Southwest as the Quarrelsome and Disaster and Misfortune stars come together in this sector. If your main door is here, strive for patience and restraint. They may well be this month’s lifesavers as a heated debate could end in bridges burnt and worse under these ill stars. Keep this area quiet to avoid activating their negative energies.

EAST Main Door Sector

Expect strikes of inspiration flying through your main door if it lies in the East—a lucky break for students and lovelorn folks in need of a boost. This might also be the leg up you need in pursuing a higher position as the annual Authority and Reputation star is also in this sector. Don’t think their positive energies will simply carry you to the finish line, however. Keep the momentum going with your own hard work and you’ll grasp your goals in no time.

SOUTHEAST Main Door Sector

Sinister stars mark the Southeast as a danger zone this month. Should your main door face here, brace yourself as misfortune and violence stalk your household. Take your time to deliberate major decisions; get a trustworthy second opinion if needed. Stay alert on the way home and check your house security every night. Steer clear of conflict—absolutely don’t start it. Playing it smart is essential to avoiding the brunt of these stars’ disastrous energies.

CENTER of The House

The ladder to success stands at the Center this month. Fame, status and reputation are all within reach for those putting in the effort to elevate their position in the workplace or politics. Extra wealth may be on the table as well, as the annual Prosperous Wealth star also shares the sector. Ensure this good fortune by spending time in this area to activate its positive energies but never place an aquarium or any type of water feature here for activation. Businesses can also tap into this star for brand building, expansion, and partner collaboration.

NORTHWEST Main Door Sector

It’s double trouble in the Northwest as this unfortunate star is amplified this month—and you’ll definitely need extra precautions if your main door faces this direction. Take the initiative and update your home’s security before harm can even look your way. Consider self-defense classes for an additional layer of protection, especially when late nights out can’t be helped. No measure is too much for your safety this July.

WEST Main Door Sector

The West is a well of wealth and opportunity this month, and they’ll be pouring into your home if your main door is located here. Look forward to strong flows of business luck, investments, and greater income sources. Should you come across a seemingly trivial opportunity, don’t ignore it. The annual Nobility and Status star, which also resides here, foretells great things in small packages. Businesses can soak up some of this rich energy too by positioning cash registers in this area.

NORTHEAST Main Door Sector

The most auspicious of stars shines over the Northeast for July. Set your sights and efforts in this direction if you’re taking on a fresh career path or opportunity. It’s also the place to spend time in when simply trying new things. Success in these endeavors will easily find you if your main door is located here, so take the leap into unexplored territory for a chance at a brighter future. But be careful not to do some ground digging or renovation here as the annual illness star share this sector as well.

3 Negative Directions for 2019 that you need to be careful. No renovation, drilling or ground digging all throughout 2019. If you really need to do renovation, please do seek Feng Shui consultation as not to trigger negative energy

Southeast (292.5 – 307.5) Sui Po Year Breaker

Northwest (322.5 – 37.5) Tai Sui Grand Duke

West (232.5 – 307.5) San Sha Three Killing

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