Sy named new sports Czar

Sports czar. Sportsman Lorenzo Sy was named by mayor Edgardo Labella as the new chairman of the Cebu City Sports Commission.

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CEBU City, Philippines – Cebu City will have a new sports Czar in the person of Lorenzo “Chao” Sy.

Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella officially anointed Sy to head the Cebu City Sports Commission last Monday, July 15, following the courtesy call of the Philippine Sports Commission officials led by  Commissioner Ramon “El Presidente” Fernandez to the new city chief executive.
Sy, who is also a regional coordinator of the PSC is among the small entourage that includes Visayas Cluster head Nonnie Lopez and regional coordinator Eugene Agravante and Fernandez’s executive assistant Boobi Kintanar.
“Mayor’s specific instruction is to manage the commission well.  Take care of our athletes and make a comprehensive grassroots development program available for all barangays,” Sy confirmed.
Sy, who owned a basketball team in the early 70s where Fernandez and basketball legends Joaquin Rojas, Larry Mumar, Estory Estrada among others once played, and was holds boxing promotions since he was a teenager became a part of the PSC/PSI grassroots development, said that he will replicate the programs in Cebu City.
“The grassroots development program of PSC and PSI was a product of the hundreds of hours of brainstorming and seminars that we attended. I am part of it, and I will be implemented by the Cebu City Sports Commission. We will be the first to implement that program which is best for our athletes and future athletes. For a starter, we will be implementing a monthly competition, especially to the events that are identified by the PSC as Priority Sports, which are mostly Olympic events, then for Tier 2 sports – events that are played in Asian Games, and of course the SEA Games events. Equal opportunity and financial assistance to all sports and training and seminars for all coaches and trainors,” Sy continued.
Sy is now planning to meet with the councilors who head the committee on finance, education, youth, and sports development, games and amusement, and the DepEd Cebu City superintendent to discuss their respective concerns and directions.
The commissioner representing private sectors, however, is yet to be completed. Already confirmed to sit in the commission were Pekaf executive vice president Gerald Canete, table tennis luminary, and UC athletic director Jessica Honoridez and sports doctor Rhoel Dejano.
“Mayor Labella will name the fourth commissioner so that we can complete the board. I hope it would be soon so that we can have our inaugural board meeting next week,” Sy added./RCM

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