BEAUTéDERM Strengthens Cebu Market with Opening of New Kiosk

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Skincare is becoming more of a need than just a want among people who want to look and feel good nowadays. But for most Cebuanos, what’s readily available are either American brands of Korean products that are not only pricier but also not very well suited for Filipino skin.

Fortunately, there’s a locally-made brand that’s perfect for Filipinos. BeauteDerm is opening a kiosk at the City Mall in  Danao City, Cebu on July 28, making effective skincare accessible to more Cebuanos. BeauteAccent by BEAUTéDERM is owned by 32-year old Roselyn Montes who is from Danao City.

“I started as a user of the products of BEAUTéDERM because I also had my share of skin problems. Then I became a reseller, and I grew my market and became a mega distributor. Now, I am opening a kiosk since I saw the huge demand locally,” she shared. BeauteAccent distributes products of BEAUTéDERM which include whitening soaps and lotions, bleaching items, facial care kits, toners and creams, and even merchandise and home care.

Montes recalled that several years back, she had hideous acne and other skin problems. She went to a lot of dermatologists and spent so much on expensive products and medicine. But these never worked on her. In 2015, she met online Michelle Lusung, a seller of BeauteDerm products from Angeles, Pampanga.

After a few weeks of using the products, she already noticed significant improvements on her face. “My friends noticed the changes. Then they started trying it too. Whenever I order from Manila, they would also join me. So, last March 2018, I invested and started as a reseller of BEAUTéDERM products,” said Montes who used to be a teacher at the University of San Jose-Recoletos for nine years.

It didn’t take long for the venture to become successful.

Five months after becoming a reseller, she was upgraded to a distributor. And in another five months, she was certified as a mega distributor, which meant she invested more and sold even more products. Just last May 2019, she quit her job as a teacher in order to focus on the business and also to her family. She is married and has two young boys.

It was also Lusung, who’s now based in Singapore, who encouraged and inspired Montes to eventually open her own store. Now, she already has distributors and resellers under her, including four in the United States, two in the United Arab Emirates, while the rest are in the Visayas.

“As sellers, I think it is very important for us to become ambassadresses of BeauteDerm. Just like me, my sellers are also users of the products and they have seen how effective it is,” Montes said. Prior to opening her kiosk in Danao City, Montes used to only sell the products online. Despite this, she has seen so many buyers and believers of the products.

Aside from the stiff competition online, Montes also realized that people are more apprehensive about products sold online. “It is better to have a physical store because people can see that you are a legitimate seller,” she added.


BEAUTéDERM is owned by Ms. Rhea Tan. Their main office is located in Angeles City, Pampanga.

Over the years, the company has won several awards including:

-Outstanding Professional Award 2018 from Superbrands

-TOP Choice Beauty Products Provider (National Awards) in the Philippine Top Choice Awards

-Best Skincare and Whitening Products Provider in the 28th Asia-Pacific Excellence 2016 Awards

-Best Quality Health and Beauty Products Specialist (National Awards) in the 2016 Global Awards for Marketing and Business Excellence

-Outstanding Skincare and Whitening Products Provider in the 35th Seal of Excellence Consumer Quality Award.

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