CEBU CITY, Philippines- The alter ego of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte in the Visayas calls the New Peoples Army (NPA) as “extortionists.”

Sec. Michael Lloyd Dino, the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas said it yesterday inside the Police Regional Office (PRO 7) headquarters where he was guest speaker of the culmination of its Police Community Relations (PCR) month.

“So theres no more reason gyud. Wa na gyuy rason, unless ang uban man gud nahimong man gud, kana bitawng mga tapulan, dili ganahan mutrabaho. Nahimo na man gud na sila murag extortionist ba tungod especially kani gung lets say naay construction sa usa ka lugar dali ra man ug naa kay pusil, pakita lang nimo mangayo kag kwarta dali ra man pagkuha ug kwarta,” Dino told the media in a press conference that followed the program.

He explained that under the administration of Pres. Duterte, almost everything is “libre (free), education, health care, housing even including the giving of cash assistance once a former rebel returns to the fold of the law. Under the Enhancement of the Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP), a rebel who will surrender will also be given separate cash in exchange for the surrendered firearm.

Dino said that to acquire skills for livelihood, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) will also come in. He went on to say that the rebels must better go back to the folds of the law unless he said they want to continue their “extortion.”

“As I said there is no reason why anymore. Unless you are lazy and you just want to be an extortionist already, then that’s the only way.”

Dino has been appointed by President Duterte as Cabinet Officer for Regional Development and Security (CORDS 7) and as such, he has the responsibility to oversee in Central Visayas the implementation of Executive Order No. 70 that created the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (ELCAC). Dino said that the Duterte administration is bent on ending the insurgency problem by 2021.

In the same presscon, Dino meanwhile gave PRO7 Regional Director Brig. Gen. Debold Sinas very high ratings in leading the police in the region. “With the leadership of Gen. Sinas to be honest wa nakoy masulti ang akong kuan lang maybe 9.9 sa iyahang performance sa PRO 7…

Honestly, they are almost perfect,” Dino said on the performance of Sinas. In the war against the local insurgents, the PRO7 is the lead group in implementing the social services approach of OPAV in addressing the insurgency problem.

Along with his counterpart in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Sinas has conducted several medical-dental missions (civic action programs) in Negros Oriental, a known hotbed of the insurgents. Dino, however, clarified that only 15 barangays in Negros Oriental have been influenced by the rebel groups.

The PRO7 itself received a report that rebels tried to extort from mining firms in Negros as Gen. Sinas also revealed that a businessman approached them that a group claiming to be rebels wanted to extort from him.

“Some mining, mining firms in Ayungon received also extortion letters gi-forward pud sa amoa, so nagtawag, nagtawag, dili lang nako ipangalan tu,” Sinas said in a presscon over the weekend in Camp Francisco Fernandez in Sibulan town.

One of the firms suffered huge losses earlier this year as the rebels burned its heavy equipment for their failure to give in to their extortion demand, an intel report revealed. Dino aired meanwhile his support on the pronouncement of PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde to send Special Action Forces (PNP SAF) in Negros Oriental.

Four policemen belonging to the 74th Mobile Force Company (MFC) of the Regional Mobile Force Battalion (RMFB7) were killed in an ambush last July 18 in Ayungon town. Pres. Duterte fumed against the rebels after he learned of the autopsy report that the cops sustained traumatic injuries before they were actually killed.

Pres. Duterte who went to the wake of the fallen cops, raised the bounty from P1 million to P3 million in exchange for the head of the leader of the rebels that killed the policemen. The Mount Cansermon Command-New Peoples Army (MCC NPA) admitted in killing Corporal Relebert Beronio, Patrolman Raffy Callao, Patrolman Roel Cabellon and Patrolman Marquino de Leon tagging them as intelligence officers who worked against them./AAJ


Sec. Michael Dino receives a memento from PRO7 Regional Director Brig. Gen. Debold Sinas



iNews.Ph: Sir as the CORDS officer in Region 7 being mandated to implement EO 70 of ELCAC, unsay approach sa OPAV?

Sec. DINO: Actually noh, okay, we have to go to the bottom of everything unsa man gyud ang cause ngano sila, why there is armed conflict, what’s the real cause. Of course, they will always say poverty, number one. As they say also, “when the road ends, insurgency begins, standard phrases but sometimes gud ang kani gung kuan wala nay ideology, dili na poverty, why? Naa tay, sa gobyerno ni President Duterte libre na tanan kung magsakit ka libre na, farmer ka libre na ang seedlings, libre na ang irrigation, libre na ang patubig, tanan libre na. Housing ug mubalik mo diri sa, if you comeback to the fold of the government back to the society hatagan mog balay. Inyong arm(s) hatagan mo ug fifty thousand ug naa muy pusil ihatag, ibalik ninyo double mahimo nang hundred thousand. There is no reason why you should not go back to the fold of the goverment to the folds of society. There’s no more reason kay ihatag na man tanan ninyo. Hatagan mo tanan, hatagan mog chance ug di mo kahibawo hatagan mug training sa TESDA sa panarbaho. So there’s no more reason gyud, wa na gyuy rason unless ang uban man gud nahimong man gud kana bitawng mga tapulan dili ganahan mutrabaho nahimo na man gud na sila murag extortionist ba tungod especially kani gung lets say naay construction sa usa ka lugar dali ra man ug naa kay pusil pakita lang nimo mangayo kag kwarta dali ra man pagkuha ug kwarta. Ang panginabuhi dili na, for me I’m sorry but you are given the chance already by the government. I think its about time to come back. Kapoy na ug sigeg tago-tago imong anak, edukasyon libre na sab para sa inyong anak tanan ani. As I said there is no reason why anymore unless you are lazy and you just want to be an extortionist already then that’s the only way.

iNews.Ph:  So corollary to that Sir, how do we address the insurgency problem?

SEC DINO: That is, we have to bring services to them lets not wait for them to come to us, we go to them. We go, not by municipality by municipality no, we go barangay per barangay. Among gidala didto ang serbisyo, gobyernong serbisyo didto sa barangay. Amo ra nang gida, serbisyo tanan tanan, etcetera tanan ihatag. Kita we go directly to them.