By Lito Gruet

I was almost “salvaged” by criminals! But I was lucky enough to escape being murdered by drug syndicate members. Not everyone is as lucky! A cousin of mine who was constantly chatting with me because he wanted desperately to change never had the chance to reform. He was killed by 2 men riding in tandem. A reformed “ex-patient” of mine returned to his hometown in Iloilo eager to begin a new life with his hopeful and happy family. His former drug associates whom he once double-crossed saw him and mercilessly stabbed him to death. A reformed former rehab center director went home to begin his second chance in life but was killed by those he once betrayed. Another reformed “ex-resident” of mine working in a call center was gunned down by pushers he swindled back then. The list goes on…

Getting involved in the world of drugs is a tragedy waiting to happen! Because you are associating with an assorted group of criminals, drug syndicates and narco cops who do NOT care about your life! Those you have betrayed, swindled, double-crossed or offended will certainly get even, and they DO NOT CARE or WILL NOT ASK if you have already “reformed” or are seriously in recovery. ALL THEY REMEMBER IS WHAT YOU DID TO THEM AND THEIR INTENTION IS TO SILENCE YOU FOREVER!

That is why the most effective way to escape this hell on earth is to NEVER get into drugs in the first place!

For those already in recovery or are still struggling but willing to reform, here are some very sound advice to remember which are effective deterrents and could save your life:

  1. GET AWAY FROM THE DRUG INFESTED COMMUNITY. If you live within the drug-infested community, temptation is just a step or text away. Move out to another safer area away from your former “associates”. YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING THERE!
  2. CUT ALL TIES/ COMMUNICATION WITH DRUG PUSHERS OR ADDICTS. Delete all their contact details. Change your own contact number. Keeping their numbers on your phone is a disaster waiting to happen. And it means you are NOT SERIOUS in reforming otherwise why keep it there?
  3. STAY AWAY FROM THE AREA YOU USED TO HANG-OUT IN, SPECIALLY DRUG DENS OF PUSHERS OR FELLOW ADDICTS. Remember, these people remain “persons of interest” and are in the drug watch list! They are most likely being monitored or are under surveillance. Your presence will LINK you to them and you may be at the wrong place at the wrong time and be there during the RAID (or “liquidation”)
  4. MISPLACED COMPLACENCY. A common but fatal mistake of most people in recovery who believe they are already strong enough or “cured” is to visit their former buddies in the guise of trying to “save” them by influencing them to be like you and reform! BIG MISTAKE. Chances are it is YOU who will be pulled back into a dangerous relapse!
  5. GUILTY BY SUSPICION. By visiting past “friends with benefits” who are on the watch list, you may have the best of intentions BUT THEY WON’T SEE IT THAT WAY. These paranoid addicts may suspect you of being a police asset! You are definitely putting yourself in harm’s way! DON’T BE STUPID!
  6. MARKED FOR ELIMINATION. For those of you who have reformed or are still in recovery phase, and have betrayed, swindled, double-crossed these wanted criminals during your drug years…. just STAY AWAY and WATCH YOUR BACK (possibly all your life)! This is the price you have to pay for getting into drugs. These are the consequences! There is NO TIMETABLE for revenge!
    There is a reason why they are evil enough to use their authority to extort, threaten and even “silence” you. Once you get caught and you and your loved ones bribed your way to freedom… it will NOT end there! These dirty cops will continue to extort from you and make you their convenient ATM with the threat that they can (and will) arrest you again. Or they will pass you on to another group of rotten cops who will arrest you and get their “finders fee”. This is called the “cadena de amor”. And there is NO WAY OUT!

Is this a threat? Should you be scared? ABSOLUTELY!

Remember drug abuse is a CRIME… and you are dealing with WANTED CRIMINALS… and they know you can identify them!

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