Red Panda Shabu-Shabu Express is rather a distinctive food court experience.

Here, Shabu-Shabu enthusiasts can have a complete meal for as low as only Php 65.00 and has the option to put in what they want into a choice of either Meat or Seafood Soup.

There is a wide selection of ingredients ranging from raw vegetables to meat and seafood, and noodles of your choice which diners can submerge into the broth to be prepared by their amenable staffs.

The glorious part is, each ingredient is pegged from Php 10.00 – Php 20.00 so you can indulge according to your budget.

Once your order is ready you can put savor into your soup by adding spices such as fish sauce, chili garlic, soy sauce, ground pepper, and salt for no additional cost.

And Viola! You just got your quick shabu-shabu fix.

Because of the good reception they got from the diners, soon there will be a “Soup of the Week,” and will have chicken and meat fillet from the ingredient bar.

Red Panda Shabu-Shabu Express is located at the 2nd level of JCenter Mall. Red Panda Shabu-Shabu Express is from a brand that is so visible in almost all the food courts of the big malls, MARINA SEAFOOD.


Marina Seafood, has an Illongo heritage that has flattered the Cebuano palate for 23 years.

It has everyone’s comfort food at your fingertips.  For starters they have langka salad in vinegar, small shrimp patties, ubod salad, fish kinilaw to name a few. Grilled, Fried and Stewed seafood and meat variants.  Meatballs, Crablets, Native Choriza… the list can get endless. And of course, they have desserts too!

Whatever you choose, you will surely relish every spoonful of your meal.

Marina Seafood can be found in the food court area of SM Seaside, SM Cebu City, SM Consolacion, Ayala Center Cebu, Robinson’s Fuente, Robinson’s Galleria and J Center Mandaue.

Because Marina Seafood has been loved by the Cebuanos, they created another brand that Cebaunos can truly relate with, Marina Lechon.


Lechon is a staple food for the Cebuanos while foreign and local tourist travels to Cebu to feast on the Lechon. Lechon is fast becoming like the BBQ fever, where you can find it in every corner/nook of the streets and malls of Cebu.  

To give more option to Lechon lovers, Mr. Roland Mesina and Mrs. Janine Mesina ventured into Marina Lechon.

Aside from the its crunchy golden red skin and tender, juicy, flavorsome lechon, you can also gorge on their lechon paskiw, dinuguan, humba, menudo to name a few on the list.

You can get you Marina Lechon meal at the food court of SM Cebu City. (PR)