Bara de Gera- Alberta Filipino Rap Battle League

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Edmonton’s first and fastest-growing Filipino rap battle league concluded their third battle with 200+ people in attendance. Bara de Gera, Edmonton’s premier rap battle league did not disappoint as local Filipino emcees battled it out in one of the league’s most successful events to date. 

Held in ‘Panceteria De Manila’ for the third straight time, the rap battle league drew crowds from all walks of life. Conceptualized in January of 2019, the league’s organizers were overwhelmed with the reception from both emcees and viewers alike.

“When we started our first battle in June, we expected no more than 20 people to show up; and with the grace of God, close to 100+ packed the venue” says Jomari Denuro, one of the event’s organizers, “we really just wanted to start a platform to showcase all the hidden local talents in the city.. these kids have not been given an opportunity to be on stage and show the community what they have” with their third event coming in to conclusion, the organizers hope that this will break barriers and be a catalyst for the (Filipino) community to accept this art form. 

As the organizers push to bring light to the hip-hop community, their recent event has slowly proven that hip-hop in Edmonton is growing at a rapid rate. With a potential now to gain local radio airtime, the success, and growth of these artists are limitless. Starting with just 5 emcees to now 15, the league is open to welcoming more emcees and rappers in the city./Jomari Denuro


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