Boxing judge Carlos Costa along with some ring girls in a match that he officiated

CEBU CITY, Philippines- Boxing ring officials in Central Visayas has asked the Games and Amusements Board (GAB) that a Panamanian who is based in Cebu be stripped of his credentials as an international boxing judge. Their subject is Carlos Costa, whom the Professional Boxing Officials of Central Visayas (PBOC-CV) claims is a Panamian citizen who is living in Mabolo, Cebu City.

They wanted GAB that Costa’s boxing license as judge be “revoked” on several grounds, which included alleged lobbying to officiate a boxing bout; cornering for a foreigner who is fighting a Filipino boxer; officiating too many bouts; working despite the non-submission of a working Visa as an alien, among others (Costa’s statement was sought by iNews.Ph through his Facebook messenger before posting but the Panamian did not reply despite being asked of his reaction).

PBOC-CV described Costa as writer for several boxing news sites, which they claimed has been used by Costa as his “leverage” to boxing promoters and managers to secure a boxing bout assignment, adding, that once he secures a bout as judge, he would write how he scores, which is an act of justifying his officiating on a bout that he got through alleged “lobbying.”


Carlos Costa with a boxing ring girl



“Respondent consistently writes advance articles in boxing, specifically in boxing matches as his leverage to the promoters and managers to ask for an assignment of the scheduled boxing event,” the PBOC CV officers said in their petition dated Sept. 4, 2019, claiming further that, Costa got more than 150 boxing bouts local and abroad including world championships despite being a boxing judge since May 2018 only.

“As a result, even at (the)early part of his career, respondent has accumulated more than 150 (167 bouts as per fights mostly local fights. He also judged in China and Japan for a (sic) title fights.” In contrast, a PBOC-CV judge who also has credentials like Costa merely officiated 47, despite starting a month earlier than the Panamanian.

“It was crystal clear that based on records, the respondent accumulated more than 150 fights on his ledger as a result of his lobbying. Lobbying is a mortal sin for every ring official. It is taboo,” the PBOC-CV members also said in their petition. The PBOC CV also narrated how Costa took the side of a foreigner boxer in a recent bout citing the incident involving the fight of former world boxing champion, Johnriel Casimero. “Just recently (Costa) was shown escorting or accompanying a Mexican boxer named Cesar Ramirez who fought for WBO Interim Championship against our own Johriel Casimero last August 24, 2019, in San Andres Stadium in Manila, he acted as “cornerman” of the Mexican, televised and seen worldwide (online).

“The action of Costa reportedly did not sit well with the Filipino fight promoter as Costa took the side of the Mexican despite being issued a boxing judge credentials in the Philippines. “He (Costa) already crossed the line. He both made an abuse and mockery. Taking the side of a foreigner who fought a Filipino boxer yet his credentials as a judge is issued by the Philippines,” the PBOC-CV member told iNews.Ph on condition of anonymity.

The PBOC-CV said that as per their inquiry from GAB Cebu extension office head, Director Arlene Olondriz, Costa did not submit both his working VISA as a foreigner from the Bureau of Immigration and alien employment permit from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). “The law is very clear, a foreigner working in the Philippines must secure those documents to justify his stay.

Respondent continued work as a boxing judge is illegal,” the PBOC-CV members averred. The group petitioned the GAB that Costa’s license as a judge be revoked and pending the resolution of their petition, that Costa should not be given boxing bouts assignment. If their petition will be granted, they wanted GAB that the outcome of their petition be forwarded to the Bureau of Immigration for the appropriate action of the agency.

The petitioners included Arnie Najera (PBOC CV President); international boxing judges Edward Ligas (PBOC-CV immediate past president), Edgar Olalo, Edwin Barrientos; ring physicians Jose Unabia and Rene Bonsubre; international boxing refs Tony Pesons, Niq Banal, Romar Embodo, among others./AAJ


PBOC CV members along with Carlos Costa during their good times (contributed photo)