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This is to inform the public that the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) has certified that our company, XIN HUANG JIN CHENG CO., LTD. INC. (XHJC, Inc.) is an accredited Costumer Relations Service Provider and was issued Certificates of Accreditation and Authority to Operate valid until May 22, 2020 by the Offshore Gaming Licensing Department.

PAGCOR Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Andrea Domingo, certifies that all the operations at Tower One, Plaza Magellan, The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City are accredited and can perform and provide services to its Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO). Relative to the events that transpired last September 7, 2019, when elements of the Philippine National Police- Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG) served and executed a search warrant against XHJC, Inc., for alleged violations of Sec. 1 para (a), sub para (1) and (2) of P.D. 1602 in relation to Sec. 6 of RA 10175, XHJC, Inc. VEHEMENTLY DENIES any violation of the aforementioned laws and it maintains that it is a company that is duly licensed by the PAGCOR to engage as a Business Process Outsourcing Service Provider for an Offshore Gaming Corporation.

The management of XHJC, Inc. believes that the actions of the PNP-CIDG, were not in any way related to its mandate, the heavy-handedness of the execution of the Search Warrant is a testament to the unreasonableness and lack of responsibility on the part of the officers. The raid was not coordinated with PAGCOR, the agency who can attest to the validity of the license. Furthermore, a number of employees of XHJC, Inc. majority of whom are Chinese nationals, were arrested on the presumption that they were engaged in illicit acts, even when they were in fact not within the area to be searched.

We abhor and protest the blatant targeting of our Chinese employees, for the simple fact that they cannot fully defend their rights considering the difficulty in speaking the English language. Not even the legal counsels of the XHJC, Inc., were spared from the heavy tactics, when the officers attempted to intimidate and outright threaten them with arrest for obstruction of justice, while they were performing their sworn duty for their clients.

These are not the actions of our honorable men-in-uniform, we cannot even contemplate the reasons for their actions. We have heard rumors that there were some people who are not happy with the way XHJC, Inc. runs its business. We cannot help but think that by not giving in to pressure and the demands of unscrupulous and corrupt officers, it resulted to the raid of the office of XHJC, Inc. XHJC, Inc. is a pillar of the community in Mactan.

As a testament to this fact, the local government has repeatedly recognized the contributions of XHJC, Inc. to the community, from assistance related to small construction works to gift-giving, and it did not deserve to be treated in the manner of how the PNP-CIDG treated it and its workers last Saturday, September 7, 2019. Atty. Jeff David In-House Counsel XHJC, Inc.

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