Tortilla Wedges

Pepper Steak

Sunzibar Saboroso is the first venture in Cebu by a group of friends who have always shared a love for food. Of course, it helped that the other partners had Sunzi Cafe and Sunzibar in Tacloban City which have been in operation for close to 20 years already. In Tacloban, the focus was always on the food and the flavors. Sauces and marinades were made from scratch, rubs and other condiments were from ingredients easily sourced from the markets.

When Typhoon Yolanda hit Tacloban City, Sunzibar suffered losses but was one of the earliest to open after the storm. But back in early 2000, Sunzibar was just a hole-in-the wall, with a few tables and a stove. What made it different from other places were the items on the menu, the flavors and the way the food was presented on the plate. Over the years, Sunzibar created a loyal following of families, coworkers and friends.


So in devastation of Yolanda, to reopen Sunzibar the soonest was the goal for Tacloban locals to have something familiar away from the loss suffered from the storm.

Four years after the storm, Dr. Lorel Dee and her cousin Michelle Supe decided to open Sunzibar Saboroso in Cebu to bring these flavors and share it with Cebuanos. With the same menu of Mexican-inspired dishes, SunziSab’s focus is still on flavor. All the ingredients are sourced from what is available locally. There is an effort to find flavors to appeal to everyone. Items on the menu are prepared with a twist and adapted to suit local tastes like our Rum Ribs and the Jerk Bangus.

House Salad

Portions are also hefty. There are items on the menu that are prepared for sharing with drinks and salad on the side like the Pepper Steak, Rum Ribs and the spicy Diablo. We also make our own flour tortilla. Our chips and nachos are crunchier and lighter espe- cially topped with hot beef strips or crisp salad. Sunzibar Saboroso’s menu can appeal to all ages and the big servings are a sure hit for a gathering of friends and family not to mention the big savings from these shared meals. From crunchy, cheesy nachos to fresh salads, soups and pastas, Sunzibar Saboroso will definitely keep your belly happy.


As the world got together after that big storm, let’s gather at the table. We at Sunzibar Saboroso hope to get Cebuanos together for a good meal, to taste food prepared with heart and enjoy good food moments under the sun. (PR)