By Lito Gruet

The pain and heartaches of a broken home and relationship!

Like a malignant cancer, the most destructive effects of having addiction in the family is the vicious deterioration of a ONCE HAPPY HOME!

Sadly… the severe anti~social personality acquired by the abuser has created a MONSTER out of the once loving and responsible partner and parent!

Drugs and other related vices have become the priority, the ruler, the god! A life of crime, emotional pain, unending problems, physical and verbal abuse have taken over.

And the most severly affected victims? The loving partner and the children who have to suffer IN SILENCE and bear seeing the family foundation slowly collapse.

The painfully frustrating part is…the abuser is more often than not oblivious to this pain or simply chooses to IGNORE IT, being completely blinded and enslaved by the effects of drug/ alcohol abuse.

How can someone who has vowed to love and protect their family, at the point of sacrificing their own lives, consistently betray them, become so hard-hearted, calloused, selfish and destructive?

“WHERE and HOW can this ever end?” That’s the question that goes inside the minds of the desperate victims. Pity the vulnerable children who are exposed to this environment. Their future, and personalities are being severely affected by it. They will become candidates of becoming rebellious! Addiction and alcohol as an “escape” will be too tempting not be far behind.


But there is HOPE! Get in touch! We can help!