Scuba diver Lee Marinduque of the Datu Lapulalu Eagles Club holds on to a bottle of unexploded dynamite that his group collected in the seabed of Hilutungan Channel

LAPULAPU CITY, Philippines-Local scuba divers were surprised over the weekend after some unexploded improvised dynamite explosives were among the trash in the seabeds of Hilutungan (Hilutangan) Channel that they collected in the recent international coastal clean up day.

It is an indication that there are still fishermen in the area that are indulged in “illegal fishing” which the authorities should act. “Pasabot ani naa pa gyuy mga illegal fishermen nga ga-dinamita diri (this means there are still illegal fishermen around here that uses dynamites)”

The three bottles of unexploded explosive dynamites that were among the trash that were collected in Hilutungan Channel


Lee Mariduque of the Datu Lapu-lapu Eagles Club, one of the local divers who participated in the activity said. Marinduque along with some other divers that inluded some South Koreans were together when they score for trash near a closed beach resort in Barangay Marigondon.

More than a hundred kilos of trash were collected by the group apart from another more than a hundred kilos from the other divers which included three bottles of unexploded dynamite explosives.

Engineer Roderico Tagaan, the chief of the Lapulapu City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) urged the participants of the activity to have a sustained effort to clean the coastal areas.

Dubbed “Scubasurero (a portmanteau of scuba and basurero) which means scuba and garbage collector”, the activity which was also backed by the Lapulapu City government, collected mostly plastics (i.e. bottles, spoons, porks, sachets) in the area.

Trash collected by the Scubasurero


Engr. Cindylyn Pepito, the chief of the Environmental Education and Information Unit (EEIU) of the regional Environmental Management Bureau (EMB7) thanked those who participated as protecting the environment is everybody’s concern.

“Responsabilidad nato ning tanan (its everybody’s responsibility)” Pepito said adding, EMB7 is having a “Ridge to Reef” environmental protection campaign which means protecting the uplands up to the seas.

Andy Berame of the Lapulapu City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) who has been in the forefront of Scubasurero in Lapulapu City said the activity will be sustained especially in the coastal areas of the city.

With the Maribago Bl

uewaters Beach Club as main sponsor and staging point, the clean up activity was also made possible by the National Clean Up Day (NCUD) Foundation.

A boodle fight to show unity among the participants was also held during lunch while a local band entertained them when all the divers and their support groups went back to shore.

Among the divers group that participated are as follows; Seaknights, MCPO, Maritime Group, South Side Divers, Lapulapu City Divers, Team Max Max Lee Divers, Scuba Stars Divers, PSI Lee Sports,PNP AVESEU7 Creek and Dive, Crimson Divers, Gypsy Dives Divers, Pawikan Divers. Naga Divers, Project Blue, etcetera./AAJ


Before the boodle fight of the Scubasurero in Lapu-lapu City