with Angkas biker Raymond Asis

LAPU-LAPU CITY, Philippines- It’s a Wednesday today, October 2, 2019, so it’s a class day. That being the case I have to give way to my kiddos in using the vehicle. Anticipating that, I immediately downloaded the Angkas (motorcycle) ride app the night before after our coverage to Olango Island was finalized as I have to settle for taking the bike to the Hilton wharf in Punta Engano here.

I just let our driver dropped me off in Fuente Osmena, where for the very first time I booked my Angkas ride. Voila, in just two minutes, Raymond Saldana Asis of the nearby Barangay Cogon Ramos arrived near the Robinsons Fuente where I placed my booking.

Asis politely asked my name and after I confirmed it, he then handed to me the Angkas helmet and off we go to Punta Engano. We gassed up in a nearby gasoline station where I started casually in asking him how he was doing before I finally introduced myself that I am a journalist who is bound for the wharf to catch a boat for Olango.

Raymond, 42, said Angkas is now his family’s sort of bread and butter and he has no regrets. “Dako kaayo ug natabang ang Angkas nako Sir ug sa akong pamilya (Angkas is really a big help to me and my family),” he said. He became an Angkas accredited driver more than a year ago after he was laid off from his previous job as part of the sales team of a soft drinks (soda) producing company.

He said he has no regrets that he joined the pool of Angkas riders because from being a minimum wage earner, he can easily take home an average of P1,500 for an eight-hour motor driving in Metro Cebu. He said he has a flexi-time as part of his daily routine (if he has no booking) is sending his 6-year-old little girl in a Montessori school somewhere in Guadalupe at 8 am and fetching her afterward from their half-day school schedule.

After joining for lunch with his wife and kid, he goes again driving until about 6 pm and for almost two years, his income has been very good. Make no mistake about this Angkas biker, he said he finished hospitality management in a Catholic university but given a choice, he would prefer remaining in Angkas rather than working in any other company.

He said his being an Angkas biker gave him the luxury of doing what is best for his family as when he rest for the day, he would tend to his kid as his wife would also work in private tutorial classes. His wife is also a college graduate, a BS Tourism, who has a passion for teaching who got some tutorial clients.

And driving skill-wise, Raymond is one biker where I will book again (if possible) because he drove me even earlier than the rest of my colleagues. We arrived in the Hilton wharf in just about 45 minutes which covers the 16.2-kilometer distance from Fuente.

I took note of the fact that when in heavy traffic, the speedometer of Raymond’s bike is 10/20 kph, his fastest is at 60kph. Defensive driving and being safety conscious, this Angkas biker has it. He would not Overspeed and knows exactly where his lane is on the road. I arrived safely at my destination. And for that, my very first Angkas ride was really worth it. I will not hesitate to ride on it again./AAJ


My Angkas booking with Raymond Asis