Liloan Municipal Hall (google maps caputured photo)

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The vision of cityhood for the Municipality of Liloan is one step closer to reality. This is after Rep. Vincent Franco “Duke” Frasco filed House Bill No. 5031 seeking to convert the Municipality of Liloan into a component city of the Province of Cebu.

Liloan is part of Cebu’s fifth district which Frasco represents in the Lower House, and where he served as mayor for nine years. “The conversion of Liloan from a municipality to a component city cannot anymore be delayed because such conversion will greatly boost the capacity of the local government unit to address and to respond to the increasing needs and demands of its constituents, investors and other visitors amid ever-changing economic and political landscapes,” Frasco stated in the bill that he filed early this week.

A first-class municipality, Liloan has 14 barangays and is one of Cebu’s top 10 most populous towns with one of the highest growth rates. Under the administration of Mayor Christina Frasco, wife of Rep. Frasco, Liloan recently received an award for being Top Model Municipality in the Philippines for 2019.

It was also named by the Manila Times as Model Municipality for Education, for Revenue Generation and Business Friendliness, as well as for Care for the Elderly. Pushing for Liloan’s cityhood was one of the promises that Frasco made during the campaign.

For a town to be converted into a city, the law requires it to have an average local income of P100 million in the last two years and a population of at least 150,000. As of 2018, Liloan’s local income already exceeded P103 million.

The town’s population is projected to hit 155,838 by next year. “Cityhood will undoubtedly open the floodgates of a multitude of economic opportunities for the people of Liloan, which will ultimately redound to the improvement of the delivery of services, but most of all, to the betterment of the quality of life of the people of Liloan and those living in its neighboring communities,” said Frasco.

With the town’s rapid urbanization, it has attracted businesses especially because of its proximity to the airport and seaports. Its favorable business climate has earned it as one of the Most Business-Friendly towns in the country, and billions of pesos of investments are in the pipeline for Liloan.

Among these are the Pier 88 Port Development which will connect Liloan to Mactan island and other towns through sea travel, the MetroCebu Expressway from Naga City in the south to Danao City in the north, and the nearby Cebu International Container Port in Consolacion which will be completed in 2022. Several multinational companies have also made Liloan as their home in recent years./PR

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