Brig. Gen. Debold Sinas in his pep talk with the police trainees in the Regional Training Center (RTC7) in Camp Jesse Robredo, Jugan, Consolacion, Cebu

Three called it quits despite not experiencing torture and hazing in their training in the Regional Training Center (RTC 7) in Consolacion town for would-be policemen in Central Visayas.

“Zero tolerance po ang RTC 7 regarding sa hazing. Hindi po natin tino-tolerate yan…Wala pong lugar yung hazing or hazers dito sa training,” RTC 7 training director Lt. Col. Mario Cortes told reporters in an interview.

Cortes said imposing discipline on their trainees is through letting them perform physical exercises depending on one’s infractions and demerits.

Cortes said that despite the physical exercises only, the three; 2 males and a female quit describing them as “not physically prepared.”

“Umayaw na physically hindi sila prepared parang ganun,” Cortes said.

Sought for clarification, PRO 7 Regional Director Debold Sinas revealed that one of the males reasoned that his girlfriend was pregnant while the female was found to have an ailment that was not earlier detected in the medical examination during the recruitment phase.

Sinas, a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA, Hinirang Class of 1987) admitted that he himself “experienced hazing” while being a “plebe” but does not want it to happen to their recruits.

Hazing, Sinas said, would not work anymore these days.

“During my cadet days I’m also a victim of that (hazing) but we survived. Sometimes we have to adapt. The more you grow at age, the more you grow at rank, you will come to realize that those practices are already outdated.”

Sinas emphasized that imposing discipline can still be attained in so many ways, the most important of which is setting a good example to subordinates.

“We always look at our leaders. If your immediate Boss is doing something bad, people will really talk about it, I believe in that (also). We should walk our talk,” Sinas explained.

The region’s top cop is a known disciplinarian, one who would not hesitate to file charges against erring policemen and make appropriate actions depending on the circumstance.

A police trainee said that once they commit offenses, punishment is done by requiring to perform military exercises that will be multiplied depending on the infractions.

There is no-body contact, the most extent punishment would be to subject one to “rubrub” where the trainee would swim in “cold water” at midnight.

“Sa midnight ug magpabadlong, naa tay rubrub nga gitawag, muhumol ka sa tubig nga tugnaw (during midnight if one would mess up, there is what we call rubub, you would submerge in a cold water),” police trainee James Alacida from Ubay, Bohol said./AAJ


PRO7 RD Brig. Gen. Debold Sinas (left) along with RTC7 Training Dir. Lt. Col. Mario Cortes in an interview with reporters