Incoming NCRPO chief, Brig. Gen. Debold Sinas

CEBU CITY, Philippines- Expect hearing the Voltes V theme song when you pass by a police camp in Metro Manila in the next few days. That is the indication that Brig. Gen. Debold Sinas has already taken over the reign of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO).

“Yes, the Voltes V concept will remain. I’ll bring it there and hopefully, they will appreciate it because the Voltes V is touch all. Whatever we do as long as align to the program and goals of the PNP and the national government, it will not go wrong.

Karun kung may isang pasaway (so if there is one who is stubborn), therefore we have to remove him,” Sinas told reporters here as he is set to replace Maj. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar as NCRPO chief next week in a formal turn-over ceremony.

The theme song of the Japanese anime series Voltes V will be aired as a reminder of all the NCRPO cops of the principle of “let’s volt in”, a unity among all the police units, bolting all forces for a common goal.

Such essentially is the meaning of the anime series theme song, a portion of its lyrics goes, “On Voltes V, We stake our lives. Let’s go till we seize victory. The universe dawn is already near.

“Sinas explained the Voltes V concept has been his template that has been very successful which he started applying since he became a senior police officer starting from being the Secretary of Directorial Staff to becoming the Director of the PNP Crime Laboratory.

In PRO 7 most especially it became so effective that it resulted to the seizure of P1.3 billion of illegal drugs (shabu) since he assumed office in June 2018. As Voltes V is the main concept, Sinas would also implement the “no golf, no night clubbing, no drugs, no illegal gambling, gambling money, no-take policy.” “Sa (in) NCR automatic no golf, no night club, no drugs, no illegal gambling money, no take, just like here.

We walk our talk, Sinas said. In prohibiting golf, Sinas reasoned that playing golf would take much time which would hamper the cop’s action especially the chiefs of police in the time of the call of duties, violators thereof would be dealt with accordingly.

The incoming NCRPO chief said the Operation Plan (Oplan) Sauron would also be replicated in his new place of assignment. Oplan Sauron resulted in the neutralization of criminal elements in Negros Oriental including those who were allegedly linked to the New People’s Army (NPA) rebels who have pending warrants of arrests.

The Makabayan bloc and their allies denounced it as it resulted in the killings of at least twenty persons but the PNP leadership defended their action as those who died resisted and fought with the lawmen. Sinas, 54, is “Mistah (classmate)” of Eleazar in the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Hinirang Class of 1987./AAJ


A miniature toy of Voltes V placed in the table during the recent presscon of incoming NCRPO chief, Brig. Gen. Debold Sinas