The Talento Cebuano 2019 award for Robby Alugar

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He handled politicians and made them win. He served corporate public relations accounts and made their events successful. The man-in-charge: Robby Mongaya Alugar of the RMA Public Relations and Marketing Services. Robby, 40, showed how his media handling worked when he skillfully managed the media campaign of Senator Imee Marcos in Cebu in the May 2019 elections.

Imee’s team then had a concern in handling Cebu’s voters as they saw it in the 2010 elections where former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. did not land in the Magic 12 as the Cebuanos were known anti-Marcos and so it has to be “handled” and Robby had a formula which really worked.

While Bongbong gave up on Cebu and focused his campaign elsewhere, Robby suggested to the team of Imee to do the opposite, visit Cebu more often and touch base with the media when she is around.

And so Imee did, telling the Cebu media once in a presscon arranged by Alugar himself, “I have come back to Cebu a million times.” That worked and so contrary to Bongbong’s, Sen. Imee landed in the Magic 12 in Cebu getting almost half a million Cebuano votes.

So that was sort of Robby’s feat who got the job done for Sen. Imee through a well-respected businessman who got married to an Ilocana who is personally close to the Senator.

Holding a Mass Communications degree from the University of San Jose Recoletos (USJR), Robby though did not become an effective media and public relations handler overnight. He learned the ropes when he became the External Affairs Officer of the influential Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) where he established “strong ties” with the mainstream Cebu media apart from his coterie of digital media practitioners that have also bloggers and vloggers.

He held the CCCI position for five (5) straight years and in fact, he is still currently the publicity, promotions and media relations chairman of CCCI Business Month (CBM 2019-2020).

Owing to his connections at the Cebu business community, Robby said that immensely helped him in having PR clients who trusted him that he can deliver. He has a revelation, there is even a shortage of PR handlers in Cebu as he himself had turned down clients because of his overlapping bookings and commitments.

“Modesty aside, I am almost full every now and then. I said no to some and would suggest to them to move their programs and events otherwise I could not be of help to them,” he told iNews.Ph in a mix of English and Cebuano.

Apart from those who wanted to engage him, Robby said he already has “retainers.” His clients among others included; Dynamic Power Group of Companies, Robinson’s Galleria-Cebu, Lite Shipping Corp., Philippine Coastwise Shipping Association, SM Homes, Taft Property Horizons 101, Golden Prince Hotel, Primehomes, and several other property developers.

His professional success earned him to be named as among the Talento Cebuano Awards 2019 (Creative PR and Marketing Initiatives) and his trade secret, he reveals, “rapport and relationships.”

He said he has been nurturing relationships both with the media and his clients. “It all boils down to relationships. I have to maintain good rapport always. To my clients, service wise, I always would deliver whatever my clients would ask me to do for them,” Robby said.

So the next time that you wanted a PR job in Cebu done, go seek him, RMA – Robby Mongaya Alugar. (note: aside from managing RMA Public Relations and Marketing Services, Robby is also the Overseas Relations Manager of Global Carrier Phils.-AAJ)


Robby Mongaya Alugar of RMA Public Relations and Marketing Services

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