Duterte, Cayetano apologies unprecedented

  •  Olympic Council exec lauds PHI hosting

PASAY City, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte apologized to the foreign athletes for the setbacks that happened prior to the start of the 30th Southeast Asian Games on Nov. 29, so with Speaker Allan Peter Cayetano, who is also the chairman of the Philippine SEA Games Organizing Committee on Nov. 25.

Highly respected Olympic Council of Asia Honorary Life vice president Wei-Jizhong of China said that this is the first time in any multi-event games for the president and for the speaker of the House of Representatives to apologize for what transpired prior to the start of the games.

“In all games of this kind, things like this happened. You just can’t avoid problems like transportation, food, accommodation before the start of the games. But this is the first time that the president of the country and the speaker of the parliament to apologize. I am very impressed,” said Wei at the press conference called by the Olympic Council of Asia-Philippines SEA Games at the Amorsolo Hall of the World Trade Center, the Main Media Hub of the SEA Games 2019.

Wei was joined by SEA Council Federation Executive Committee chairman Celso Dayrit, Philippine Olympic Committee president Abraham Tolentino and Philippines SEA Games Organizing Committee Chief Operation Officer Ramon “Tats” Suzara.


Philippines is doing great. (L to R) Celso Dayrit, Wei-Jizhoung, Abraham Tolentino, Ramon Suzarra.


Wei also elaborated on some points that made the Philippine SEA Games hosting extraordinary.

“First the opening ceremony is very unique. I witnessed the enthusiasm of all athletes during the opening parade. They are very enthusiastic because they are part of the first indoor opening of multi-event games.

This makes the Philippines capable of organizing this kind of games. Second I read in the news today, Dec. 2, that the Philippines won a lot of medals on the first day of competition.

This means that the Philippines is developing very much. And this game has 56 sport with 536 categories means that sports in SEA countries are developing very fast,” added Wei.

Other key factors that the Chinese sport’s official pointed out that made the 30th SEA Games hosting an indication of success are the awareness of the people who came to watch non-traditional games such as ice hockey, the efficient traffic management, a very useful guidebook for the foreign delegations and volunteerism.

‘I can’t be sure if my evaluations and the (positive) details I am saying now means something and for the media to give their interpretations but this are the reality,” Wei stressed.

Wei gives the Philippines a high satisfactory mark for the event hosting./RCM