Hotdog relived! 

QUEZON City, Philippines – While I am writing this piece, we were waiting for a bus ride to Clark, Pampanga to cover more 30th SEA Games events in the Clark-Subic-Tarlac Cluster.
Right now you can guess correctly what song I am listening to or who I’m playing at my Spotify App. Yes, it’s “Manila” and yes, it’s Hotdog. And yes, we’re taking a bus to Clark.
So what happened to the “Best hosted SEA Games,” award?
This is not about us. All I’m stating here is the fact that Filipinos are being misled with sugar-coating dubious kind of award.
In the first place, PHISGOC can’t even afford to provide Local Media (sic provincial media, i.e. from Cebu and Mindanao) transportation or a rice meal at the press center, how can that qualify as the best-organized event? What are the criteria for this award?
I don’t blame PSC! This is not their call, this is all PHISGOC’s. We are even grateful to Chairman William “Butch” Ramirez, Com. Ramon “El Presidente” Fernandez, Com. Charles Maxey for the Davao and CDO team and to the PCO team headed by Ms. Malyn Bamba for patiently coordinating with us and provided us assistance so that we can get here and cover the event.
We were accommodated at the PhilSports ULTRA Dormitory, just imagine six-alcohol-consuming sportswriters crammed in one room. How loud can we be? The first room was about a 30sqm dusty stockroom filled with mattresses. In two nights, I developed some kind of sinusitis. Gladly, we were transferred two flights down to a smaller but cleaner confines. There was a little plumbing problem, which was taken cared of by the dorm attendant.
Meals at the Athletes canteen. We’re not complaining. That’s what was being offered to us, before we were booked a flight. What we complained was the lack of transportation, which was earlier promised. Just imagine, every time I book a ride, the cheapest was P380 plus you need to apologize to grumpy drivers when a DEPED guard would tell us to detour back to PhilSports gate 2 at Capt. Javier St., because accordingly there was no coordination from the PSC guards. I really wanted to shout, “Hoy, we don’t know your ways. Just don’t be rude,” but I did not. I’m too tired to argue. I just wish he stays night shift all his life.
That is our everyday dilemma, and probably, also with the other media people covering this event, who are also clueless on how to go around town without getting diddled by scheming taxi drivers or getting stuck in traffic for hours. They might have forgotten that we are also part of this event – they even called us Media Partners. Still, PHISGOC was awarded the “Best Organized SEA Games Award,” and PHISGOC Chairman and House Speaker Allan Peter Cayetano, POC president Abraham Tolentino and COO Tats Suzarra were beaming from ear-to-ear in receiving the award. What a shame!
“The Sports Industry Awards Asia has recognized  the Philippine South East Asia Games Organizing Committee (PHISGOC) for its achievement in organizing the best SEA games citing their efforts in staging world-class opening ceremonies and organizing 56 sports and 530 events.”
Hahaha! Although I believed that you don’t have to eat an entire cake to know if it’s delicious, I took exception to this one. I really think that this is too early to tell that this is really the “BEST SEA GAMES.” And who attended the awarding ceremony at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Makati? I bet a couple of rah-rah boys of PHILSGOC. Maybe a couple of press people but I’m sure Tito Talao of Manila Bulletin, Aldrin Cardona and Julius Manicad of Daily Tribune, Rey Virgilio Lachica, Jon Hernandez or Nate Barreto were not there. And none of us from the World Trade Center Press Center habitués were invited. Did they?
Accordingly, SPIA has become the most credible award-giving body for recognizing the achievements of Asia Sports Industries.
“As Asia’s leading sports business conference and awards platform, SPIA Asia  recognizes and celebrates Asia’s Top 10 in 25 distinct awards categories including the Asia’s Best Sportsman and Asia’s Best Sports Woman category, with Gold, Silver, and Bronze being awarded to the best performers,” according to PHISGOC press release.
It is said SPIA existed for years. But I never heard SPIA giving Manny Pacquiao an award. It was only after they awarded PHISGOC that Pacquaio and Carlos Yulo were considered for Asia’s Best Sportsman on its 5th Award. But they did give PHISGOC the award prematurely or do SPIA gives one award at a time? I do wonder!
Was it just a way to appease critics? Was it just a way to divert the issues? If it is, the author of this madness just made it amusing, no I stand corrected, it’s HILARIOUS. They can’t fool the public, they can’t fool the media, and most of all they can’t fool President Duterte.
I heard from the vines that the president had ordered Chairman Butch to take over. I don’t know what that means or what are the implications. All I know is that some personalities might go AWOL even before SEA Games would draw to a close. Taaaadaaaa, maybe DOJ would consider a watch bulletin at the airports! Just saying!
This goes back to the most sang song over and over this week – “Manila, simply no place like Manila.” Indeed, there is no place like Manila!
Inday Sara should not be insecure with this song, every word to its lyrics depicted what Manila is today.  She just needs to be a little imaginative, as it all means, chaos.
Oh here comes my bus!!!!!
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