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Tell it to Bruce

Dear Bruce,

I am Charlie. A widower with two grown up kiddos. Just a few months back, I met a woman who is married but has been separated with her husband. We have been hanging out since and with her company, I feel happy and vibrant despite my being fiftyish.

Of course, we did something as consenting adults and Oh! Yes she kept the manhood in me alive as every moment is a challenge since she is a good performer. I would really look up to the time that we are together and truth be told when I am alone in my room after our tryst, how I wish that she is beside me.

The way I gauge her, she also felt the same way as I did but we cannot be together in one abode because on papers, she is still very married. To be honest, I already feel the emptiness if I can’t see her in bed with me and this is now what bothers me. I am madly in love with her, what will I do?

Yours truly,

Charlie of Mandaue City


Charlie’s arousal went back to the future!

Dear Charlie,

Upon reading this letter guess what’s on my background? Toni Braxton’s unbreak my heart. I don’t know if it actually fits your present condition but one thing’s for sure, thinking about that woman gives you the arousal which definitely brings your natural manhood to the future for whatever ecstatic exciting feeling you have when you did that consenting adult thing with her.

We all crave for the so called perfect blend of sexual fantasies. They say there are 2 kinds of unexplainable best sex experience that brings both person to the milky way and back. First, is the sex of love where both people’s chemistry is bonded by true love, kisses and hugs are unexplainable that sex is just even secondary but both couple are already so much satisfied with such act or expression.

Second, would be the wildest best sex experience due to the sexual chemistry of both people, orgasm is definitely unexplainable and seems to be the best sex you’ve ever had that gives you the millions of fireworks spent in every Olympic games but love seems to be lacking but both are just comfortably doing it. However in your case since you’re a widower, the absence of a women in your life craves you for that so called attention, you crave for that midnight erection and hope that you had your wife with you.

However, as destiny has put you in that situation it is indeed difficult to fill in that midnight needs. But I always believe that all people we’ve met comes with a purpose. I don’t know how it will end up with you and that woman. The woman you mentioned is married, your letter did not state here whether she got kids with his present partner because if that is the case you are putting her in a more difficult situation.

While it is still early and while manhood is the only part that completes you while with her and not the feelings yet try to avoid committing the Olympic orgasm as that woman has already given you answers to your emptiness and doubts. Such as; yes, despite you being 50ish you are still capable of doing circus experiments at midnight that lets the manhood in you feel like Johnny Bravo, So I believe the confidence in you is now back to be in a relationship that is free from harm or any disaster.

A woman that is rightfully and freely yours awaits in a not so distant future. In the meantime our hands are both useful while awaiting for the Olympic woman to come. Hope I have given you some smile and a truthful and sincere thoughts of your present situation.

Cheers to your fireworks at night,


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