Parents: Are you unknowingly creating a future addict, a criminal or a potential suicide victim?

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You can easily tell if a dog has been raised in a hostile home. It grows up to be fearful, aggressive, violent or untamable. It knows nothing about love so it sees the world as dangerous and a threat.

Not much difference with raising a child. When a child grows up with absentee or irresponsible parents, in a home where there is no love and no happiness. Where the child experiences a home surrounded by drugs, alcohol, physical, emotional and verbal abuse, sexual molestation, infidelity, gambling, bullying, favoritism leading to envy among siblings…”trauma” begins!

Proper parenting is not about just being a provider for a childs basic needs (although many parents do not even provide that). It is about raising and nurturing that child with the best love and care a parent is obligated to give. PROTECTED at home… and from the harsh environment of the real world. Otherwise, why even bother to have a child in the first place? To suffer? To be used and abused? To be deprived and traumatized? Then, you have no business having that child, period!

Lito Gruet

And when the time comes the child can no longer take it…they rebel, drop out of school, run away, join gangs, turn to drugs and alcohol, live a life of crime or.. experience depression and/or commit suicide!

Be aware! You may be ignoring all the unspoken words of your child crying for help! All your tears will never raise a corpse.

And please remember, there is a big difference between giving “Tender Loving Care” … And being an “spoiler” and “enabler” !

– by: L. Gruet

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