By Lito Gruet

(From Glamour to Crime to Service)

Some time ago my wallet once exploded with too much cash and credit cards. Then I experienced hunger. Shoplifting, rummaging thru trash bins for thrown fast-food packs, picking up coins and empty soda bottles to buy bread, as I wandered listlessly around the streets of Manila .

I once experienced cameras being pointed at me to shoot me. Later on Drug Enforcement Units pointed guns at me… also to shoot me.

I once slept in the best homes and hotels. Then I slept on the streets, parked jeepneys, waiting sheds, among the rocks of Roxas Blvd. and on the floors of Police detention facilities and jails.

I once had multiple, severe health problems (Borderline diabetic, hypertension, hepatitis, gout , cystitis) Now I am completely healed and I a proud ambassador for the wonder health product “MX3” .

I came out in magazine covers, commercials, write-ups, modeling pictorials, television sitcoms and movies. Then I was FRONT PAGE news for my arrest for pushing and possession of shabu.

There was a time everyone wanted to be known as my friend. Then everyone avoided me and feared being affiliated with me.

I experienced tasting the best food money can buy in Malacanang Palace as a Pitoy Moreno Model. Then I begged for food when I stayed in the slums. (Stale rice being eaten by red ants, dipped in soy sauce was good enough for me). Hell on earth it was!

When we experience what we believe are our worst trials, the severe and painful injustices, the most embarrassing moments, the endless, unbearable suffering…we question, blame and curse God ️ for “allowing” it to happen to us. I know this all to well, because I gave up on Him.

But after we survive all this perceived “punishment”, we will soon realize that sometimes… it is a “necessary evil” we have to experience, a baptism by fire, to be able to rightfully possess the richest knowledge and experience NEEDED to postively influence and save others from the bondage of addiction.

We may not realize it NOW while we are experiencing all the obstacles and challenges endlessly thrown at us. But at the end of the day…it was an “on-the-job-training” for a more meaningful, purposeful life ahead after all.

Yes, I once cursed God for my ailments, hardships and incorrigible addiction. But now I THANK HIM ️ for allowing me to go thru hell on earth.

I once gave up on God… But He NEVER gave up on me! 

*I am available to share my story of recovery and lecture on the dangers of drug abuse. Kindly pm me.

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