My heart bleeds as I now realize how uncaring and heartless I was to my late mother. I realized it too late. This is exactly what she must have been going thru as I wasted my life away. And to all you “calloused” substance abusers out there…READ THIS AND WEEP!

“The addict’s mom patiently awaits the day her child will come home.
She wonders when the kid she raised will reappear. When will he stop using shabu/meth? When will he stop searching for answers in the bottle of alcohol? When will family be more important than that next drug”?

“The addict’s mom questions if they loved them enough. They question the state of their child’s mental health. They replay every situation in their minds over and over until it consumes them. She awaits the moment when you’ll accept help. She believes you when you say it will be soon.

She wonders if you ate today? She wonders where you slept last night? She hopes the police arrest you so at least she knows you’re safe. She keeps her ringer on at all times in case you call. She talks to other mothers who have been in her situation.

She talks to other addicts who have been in your situation. She waits, waits, and waits. Then, she waits some more. She is the most patient of any human. She tries to block you out, to forget about you, but it is impossible and after a while she worries again.

She prays to God, she curses God, and then she leans on Him even more. It’s a game of two steps forward and three steps back. She is the addict’s mom, and it’s an unfortunate situation to be in.

She received no training for this, she took no prerequisites, she is operating on pure love and fear. She is YOUR mom, she is MY mom, she is the mom of all of us who have ever suffered from addiction. Only you can put an end to her sleepless nights.”

Don’t wait for your mother and loved ones to DISAPPEAR before you seek for help and change your life. Do it while they are still alive. Nobody knows if today will be her LAST day alive… Or yours!



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