Recently another boy jumped to his death. Another wasted life! Could it have been prevented? Were the parents, friends and teachers aware of his state of mind? Was he heartbroken? Bullied? Shamed? These are some of the many questions we would always tend to ask instantly without knowing what really caused this tragedy.

Can we even begin to imagine what it would take to decide on and plan your OWN death!? And what it would take to actually DO IT? This only means that for the victim… The “FEAR OF DYING ” was overpowered by the “FEAR OF LIVING”

Adolescents taking their own lives was unheard of just a few decades ago. But now it is becoming so alarmingly frequent. What has “motivated” these kids to take their own lives NOW. Something is triggering them.

Some parents ask children with diagnosed clinical depression, severe personal issues and signs of self-destructive behavior to talk to them, trust them, and seek professional help if necessary… “IF” it is clearly seen in their personality. Some parents (who have their own issues to deal with) on the other hand remain oblivious and unaware, or simply do not care about the danger building up inside their loved one, even if they are crying for help in silence!

There is danger in silence. Many children and teens just keep this torment to themselves. They “feel” unloved and uncared for at home even if it is imagined or untrue. They could be victims of bullying but would rather keep it to themselves. They may feel shame for being an underachiever and a failure from the high expectations of the parents.

Or they could very well be abused at home where there are drugs, alcohol, bullying, infidelity, sexual molestation, physical and emotional violence, absentee parents, no role modelling….no LOVE! Remember, we do not really know what happens inside their four walls.

The suffering and frustration they experience a day in and day out is the beginning of the creation of future rebels, addicts, alcoholics, criminals and yes… SUICIDES!

Not all of them will cry for help. So it is up to the PARENTS to be aware, be sensitive, be keen in looking out for their “unspoken words”.

Or it may be too late. And all your tears will never resurrect a corpse!






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