Lito Gruet, the author.

This got your attention? I’m sure it did. And this is true….”Indirectly” at least. For those of us who are familiar with how addicts think and behave, we know that in the world of drug abuse…peer pressure, accessibility, availability of supply and cravings are what drives an addict to incessantly find ways to use drugs. Most specially with the CRAVINGS!

The addict cannot imagine living a life without drugs. Maybe they never had the chance to stop! And because of this, the addict believes in feeding that craving as often as they can. And that they cannot stop on their own. Thus, the vicious self-destructive cycle.

Now enters Covid. Lethal, contagious, destructive! But in this case, it is NOT the villain. The access to drugs has stopped! The dealings have stopped! The supply… well.. has been set aside for now. And whether the addict likes it or not, this “Enhanced Community Quarantine” has given them no choice but to stay at home, and stay CLEAN! ( Unless they did their own “hoarding”).

Why is this significant? It’s because NOW many addicts are forced to experience the “clean time” they have longed for but never had the chance to achieve because of the overpowering control of addiction! Now they can think clearly and appreciate the rare time of being with the very people who truly love and care for them… Their FAMILY!

It would be very unrealistic to say that all of them will never return to drug use once this isolation is lifted. Far from it. Many will go back to their old ways but the good news is…many will also give themselves a second chance in life! And they NOW NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

For families who have loved ones who are drug users… This is probably the ONLY OPPORTUNITY you will have to show them your love and support, and convince them to never return to their old ways.

Now is the time to plan for their RECOVERY. (Professional help is always available). Plan for their future. To make them productive, responsible and God-fearing members of society once again. To be fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters again. Now is the time to TALK AS A FAMILY and PLAN AS A FAMILY…AND SHOW LOVE AS A FAMILY!

Behind the dark cloud is always the silver lining. And this chance may never happen again!

There is no better time to act than NOW!

*If you know a family with an addict… PLEASE SHARE!

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