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Some people should never drink a drop of alcohol. Specially the ones who turn into monsters.

In my 10 years as Center Director of Dare rehab, I encountered many sad, disturbing and sometimes horrifying stories shared by the “residents” and their parents. One that stood out was the one shared by the mother of an alcoholic.

“Chinaman” was brought to the center directly from jail. Big and tall at 6-feet, his face was scarred with current and past wounds. We expected him to cause trouble since in our experience, the alcoholics are harder to control and are more stubborn than shabu users in general. But to our surprise, he was so mild-mannered and respectful. He followed the house rules and got along with everyone. What could be the issue here I thought?

The frail-looking mother answered my question. “Chinaman” was truly a good son, a caring father and a loving brother to his siblings. Always helpful at home and earned money as a cook. To the unknowing, he seemed like a role model. He was… Until he touches alcohol! Dr. Jekyll becomes the hideous Mr. Hyde!!!

Once intoxicated, he changes completely into an uncontrollable, unreasonable, violent, hateful and angry wild animal! And challenges anyone who gets in his way. Many times he would be arrested by the police and once placed inside the cell with other detainees, he challenges everyone there and gets beaten up senseless and bloodied. When he sobers up, he recalls nothing! It was a miracle how he managed to stay alive at that point.

The final straw which made the family decide to put him in rehab was his attempt to kill his mother. In one of his

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binges he started getting rowdy and noisy at home. When the fed-up neighbors shouted at him to shut up, he grabbed a kitchen knife and was rushing out to attack the neighbor. The mother, who kept the bible always with her, stood in his way and smacked the bible with both hands on his forehead reciting a prayer to release the “evil spirit”. Caught by surprise, the angry son now vented his ire on the mother and attempted to shove that big knife to her heart.

But a miracle happened. The mom placed the bible from his forehead to her chest and that’s where the knife got imbedded. To prove she was not lying, she showed us the very bible she held which had a deep knife mark. Literally “saved by the bible”. I can only wish he is now healed from alcoholism and still alive!

Alcohol is a drug and can be equally or even more destructive than street drugs. Some can handle drinking cases of beers or bottles of hard drinks and still be functional. While others have absolutely no business touching even a drop of it. Specially those that turn into monsters.

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