From street sleeper to a winner

Lito Gruet the author.

We both come from known families in Cebu. We both were raised well. We both studied in the same catholic schools. We both had our plans and ambitions. We both ended up sleeping in the streets. This is the vicious cycle of addiction. Turning promising young people into hopeless law-breakers. The world of drugs is a world of entrapment and control. With seemingly no hope in sight, we accepted our fate to die as addicts. But then again we forget that there is always HOPE. And God has His plans which we do not see at that very moment we are experiencing hell on earth. Here is the personally written story of Gabby:

Hi! I’m Gabby. At the height of my addiction, I was to find myself sleeping in the streets, I lost everything, my job, my family and friends, my dignity, my sanity and my life. Almost. That’s when I hit rock bottom.

Gabby during his active drug use days.

Reflecting on the early days of my addiction or active drug use, I realized I was setting up myself for the way to the bottom. I started to lose everything (people, places and things) I loved and cared for but most importantly I lost myself.

During the 2015 Sinulog reunion we had at USC BHS, my batch deliberated and asked me to get help, and that they would support my program needs. By May 16, 2015, Joey Herrera , who was then the director of CPADAO (Cebu Provincial Anti Drug Abuse Office) gave me a ride to the FARM for treatment. The rest as they say is history.

As a life coach and motivational speaker to the youth.

At the turning point of my life when all was lost, there was a light of hope, a divine intervention, a message and a lesson from a higher power or the God of my own understanding that lifted me up and showed me the way through HIS instruments in friends and family as . I found myself in this facility ( that helped me see the light amidst the darkness.  I will so ever be grateful for that day….

Lesson learned:  As one hits rock bottom there is nowhere to go but up on the road to recovery towards better days ahead.

Gabby (leftmost) at the Addiction Professional Studies. RC, ICAP 1 accreditation and ISSUP member (International Society for Substance use Prevention)