CEBU, Philippines – – What now Cebu City? Today, June 30, 2020, is supposed to be the end of the 15-day ECQ imposed on our beloved city. I hope I’d be wrong, but by the look of it, the ECQ seemed to extend for another 15 days, at least. Why it is, mainly because of our own actions.

When Pres. Duterte announced on national TV last June 15 that Cebu City’s quarantine status was rescinded back to ECQ, mainly for the fast-rising COVID cases. He added that the continued rise of COVID positive was because “gahi og ulo ang mga Cebuanls. ”  At first I thought that these words were just placed on his mouth. But the recent events made me conclude that indeed Cebuanos are unmanageable. Gahi tag ulo.

Despite of the repeated warnings to stay home, to have physical distancing, to obey the rules and protocols of the IATF, por dios por santo nag Sinulog na man hinoon! Unsa mo, kublan???

The government is trying to curve the spread of this virus by setting up guidelines to keep us from getting infected. But because gahig ulo tang mga Cebuano, we disobeyed this rules, instead we followed our instinct that is to provide food for our hungry stomach. Aside from that we also followed our primal nature being wanderers.

We all have nomadic traits! We roam around. We go places, or in this case, outside of our residences. After all we are free spirits. No amount of virus could take our freedom away. So we disobey rules. We followed our instincts. Since the government can’t feed us, took away our jobs and told us to stay indoors – we rebel. To hell with you coronavirus! Virus ka lang, Cebuano kami!

But not all Cebuanos are hard-headed. Some of us obeyed the government. We only go out to buy essentials. Some of us, don’t even know what the streets of Cebu City look like nowadays because we stayed home. We try to squeeze our budget so that we can eat three times a day. We grow vegetables so that we can eat nutritious foods.

We lost our jobs or closed our businesses too. We received no Social Amelioration  Program. Yet, we obeyed. We forced ourselves to stay home, bisan gilok na kaayo ang tiil kay kalaagon na.  We choose to obey the government because we wanted to live. You who don’t want to be told, maayo pag mangambak mo sa Mactan Bridge oi. Ayaw ninyo i-among ang ubang tawo. The virus exempts no one. Everybody is vulnerable, especially those who go out in the open.

The government is just trying to protect us that is why they curtailed our freedom. Thus, we are placed on quarantine to minimize infections. But if you think the government is not fair, then you have a problem.

Pres. Duterte sent Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu to Cebu City to make sure we would obey the protocols. So, Cimatu brought with him cavalries of combatant policemen, APCs, choppers, etc to make sure rules are observed properly.  Thus, we need to obey if you want to survive. After all, Cebu is vital to the recovery of our nation’s economy.

So stop being hard-headed, let’s obey the rules. Ultimately, this is for our own good.