Nestle exec launches MILO Homecourt in Cebu

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Milo Philippines is looking to continually empower the children’s sports development at the comfort of their homes this time of health crisis.

In times of pandemic, Milo continued innovating ways to make children stay active and healthy by launching the MILO HOMECOURT Campaign, an online sports initiative aimed at empowering parents to continue their kids’ champion journeys even while at home. Developed in tandem with its partner organizations,

“Our activities may be limited to our homes, but the power of our imagination is unlimited. MILO is launching the Milo Homecourt campaign, which is aimed to inspire moms and kids to continue their champion journey while at home; equip the kids with the evolved online sports program and heightened the community involvement at this time of the pandemic,” Nestlé Philippines Assistant Vice President Lester P. Castillo, revealed during the virtual press conference with Cebu sports journalists on August 6, 2020.

Castillo was joined by the Philippines Sports Commission (PSC) Commissioner Ramon S. Fernandez, Olympian marathoner Mary Joy Tabal and Milo Cebu organizer Ricky Ballesteros.

“The MILO Home Court can be a useful resource for parents to transform their homes into a training ground so that kids can discover their love for sports and pursue their aspirations,” Castillo added.

Commissioner Fernandez on the other hand lauded the efforts of Milo by creating an innovative project such as the MILO HOMECOURT Campaign.

“I am glad that Milo did this program. This program is in line with our (PSC) advocacy to encourage kids to pick up a sport or two. I hope this program would encourage more kids to engage in sports,” the former 4-time PBA MVP said.

Milo and PSC is currently working on a program to conduct certification seminars to coaches via online – the first was done early this month, the next batch is scheduled next month and the third is in October.

Tabal meanwhile admitted she went through tough times on the first two months of the lockdowns.

“I had a hard time during the first two months. It is very hard to have limited movements. Now I just pushed myself to get my motivation (to train) by creating a habit that I followed regularly every day. I believe that this (MILO HOMECOURT) program is a big help to the kids and athletes. They will now have something to motivate and follow every day,” Tabal quipped.

MILO will introduce 18 different sports events from the MILO Summer Sports Clinic program, but since not all events have ready material only nine events were launched simultaneously; Arnis, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Gymnastics, Karatedo, Volleyball, Taekwondo and Tennis. But other events will follow as soon as materials are available.

Castillo added that they are not closing the doors to events that are not included in the Summer Sports Clinic Program of Milo. They are also exploring do online boxing lessons to keep the young and aspiring boxers updated.

The MILO HOMECOURT Campaign has reached 20Million engagements on Facebook and has more than 1.5M views already on YouTube. Kids and parents can access these videos on YouTube anytime and free of charge.

Despite the milestone that the MILO HOMECOURT has achieved Castillo revealed that their ultimate goal is to engage all the 7-12-year-old Filipinos, which is estimated to reach 20Million, into this program.

Nestle Philippines tapped private sports organizations such as BEST for the basketball program and National Sports Association (NSA) like the Philippine Taekwondo as partners.

Aside from Tabal, other sports icons who were indulged in this program include volleyball superstar Allyssa Valdez and karateka Jamie Lim as Milo Ambassadors. /RCM