Lito Gruet, the author.

Fighting to stop drug addiction from enslaving your children has it’s risks and fair share of “haters” for obvious reasons. Someone full of HATE messaged me this.

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Sharing my story of encouragement to the “Children Deprived of Liberty” or criminal children in Cebu.

I did not take this “personally” since I know he does not know who I really am and what I now do, nor do I judge him because he must have been through a painful experience dealing with an addict to have this much hatred and judgment.

But THIS kind of “misguided mindset” is what we need to change…that ALL ADDICTS ARE EVIL AND DESERVE TO DIE! True, madaming masasamang adik na nangre-rape at pumapatay but not ALL addicts / ex-addicts are evil! There are those who are inately born with a criminal mind and there are the “good people” who just made wrong choices and deserve a second chance.

Look around! Many “ex-addicts” are now in high government positions, are successful businessmen and leaders, are responsible members and contributors to our society, are role-model

parents and yes, some are giving back in gratitude for their salvation and have dedicated their lives to saving your child’s life from addiction by putting up their own or being part of recovery facilities.

Madami dyan hindi nga nag droga pero mas masama pa ang ugali kesa adik! Whoever is “without sin” can cast the first stone! Nagmamalinis ka? Ang pari nga hindi nag adik pero nagkakasala din!

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Proudly showing one of the many certificates of recognition I received throughout many years from different prestigious schools and universities. Yes, I am NOT evil and I do not deserve to die.

Remember, there is ALWAYS HOPE in recovery and the ex-addicts you condemn may be the very ones who will SAVE your loved one from addiction someday! ❤️

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