August 2, 2021


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by Rosabella Mondragon Tormis, the author.


the author
How we will cross over to the afterlife.
by Rosabella Mondragon Tormis
One might think being 70 is the time when you stop dreaming and you start counting the days ahead. Honestly, I feel pangs of loneliness thinking if I have to travel the rest of my journey alone and how long will it be before I finally say goodbye.
One author I like, says that one never grows old unless regrets takes the place of dreams. I have stopped dreaming, but I have also stopped thinking of things that make me regret. And somewhere in between I start to think seriously about the afterlife. How do I cross over when I leave my mortal body behind? My brother Francisco, has a different view on what the hereafter is all about. He believes that when we cross over it will just be a carry over of our life so if we are happy here, we would also be happy there.
I’m beginning to think that maybe my brother is right—that crossing over would be merely a carry over of our earthly life, so no matter under what circumstances I’m in, I try to be happy, just in case.
Besides, I have gone through a lot of purging and purification while on earth so I believe a better world awaits me in the hereafter.