Lito Gruet, the author.

There is a pandemic deadlier than covid-19 or any other virus known to man. And this is drug addiction! It has been here since the very existence of civilization. And like all pandemics it chooses no race, religion or gender. It not only destroys the addict, it brings down entire families with it! And this is a worldwide problem.

Thus, drug rehabs have been sprouting like mushrooms everywhere. Some, with the sincere intention to save lives but many are there just to make profit as it’s main goal, throwing in an inferior, ineffective recovery program in a makeshift “facility”. And many families are at a loss as to where to bring their loved ones for recovery. They are unaware of determining what a good program is all about. A superior program need not be expensive.
Safehaven has the compassion, the sincerity to help which won over my heart. While many rehabs prioritize profit, we prioritize saving lives thru God’s Saving Grace! 🙏
Finding ways to train and educate recovering addicts with scholarship programs to give them a productive life free from the stigma and discrimination when they reintegrate back into mainstream society. But most importantly, we focus on spiritual enrichment. Most addicts are good people who just made wrong choices. Many have been rehab-hopping, only to relapse

 all over again. And more often than not, they simply lack GOD in their lives!
Safehaven is a Christian rehab located in Talamban, Cebu, applying the proven, effective 12-step program. A spiritual and more humane way of treatment.
We know the way out! WE HAVE THE HEART TO HELP! ❤
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