Michael Caleb Ang (photo by Jed Aries Yu)

FREESTYLE by Dexter Alazas

The next generation Cebuano entrepreneurs have given rise to some of the newest businesses at an opportune time such as now, not even the challenges of this global pandemic can stop them.

Young and driven, Micheal Caleb Ang, is one perfect example of this promising breed of business people who’s determined to carve a name for himself in the food and hospitality industry.. At 26, Micheal Caleb recently opened Moonchai Milktea Cafe, realising that there’s this new Filipino craving that started years ago when he was still in business school.
Having planned its branding since 2019, Micheal took the chance and finally launched it just this
Michael Caleb Ang (photo by Jed Aries Yu)

August 2020 right smack in the middle of the present situation were experiencing today. Being the brand’s ambassador himself, Michael overseas everything, from finance down to staff supervision and customer satisfaction. Take it from someone who’s born with entrepreneurial blood running in his veins.

Michael Caleb Ang (photo by Jed Aries Yu)

Micheal also helps out in his family’s real estate business, alongside marketing a new hotel in Mandaue City they recently acquired last year. Talk about a lot of responsibility, Michael is taking it smoothly with the help of his parents, juggling between administrative work and the many on site itineraries, Michael is hands on with a lot of tasks on his belt.

With his genetically good looks and Chinese – Mestizo descent, Micheal was also handpicked by BERGAMO, a leading Men’s fashion line, to be the face for their recent in-house campaign. I should say he’s a natural charmer, given the fact that his Mom, a former model, who also runs her own fashion business, House of Maria Elena, is one beautiful lady herself. I also had the privilege to style him in one of the editorial shoots for the brand in a local lifestyle magazine based in Cebu.
With 2020 poised as the start of a new normal, a time for new challenges, so does the budding career of this charmingly amiable millennial, who’s rising presence is just as beaming with purpose and passion, as the brands he manages.